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Emerging offshore outsourcing markets you can't miss

Stephanie Overby | April 22, 2009
Did you know that Egypt has the most market potential among emerging providers of global IT services?

Availability of Skills (labor pool with required skills and vendor landscape)

1. Egypt

2. Philippines

3. Mexico

4. Vietnam

5. Belarus

Cost Attractiveness (labor, infrastructure and taxes)

1. Egypt

2. Vietnam

3. Morocco

4. Mexico, Romania and Tunisia (tie)

IT/BPO Environment (government backing, compatibility with the prevailing business culture, quality of life and accessibility)

1. Poland

2. Philippines and Romania (tie)

3. Egypt and Mexico (tie)

Quality of Infrastructure (telecommunications, power, transportation and real estate)

1. Czech Republic

2. Mexico

3. Costa Rica

4. Poland

5. Philippines and Slovakia (tie)

Risk Attractiveness (personal security, disruptive events, regulatory risks, macroeconomic risks and intellectual property protection)

1. Czech Republic

2. Poland and Slovakia

3. Costa Rica

4. Mexico

Market Potential (a country's future attractiveness as an offshore location for IT and business services)

1. Egypt

2. Poland

3. Mexico

4. Philippines

5. Bulgaria


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