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Google and Facebook: A pair of hard-nosed CIOs

Shane Schick | Jan. 27, 2012
Last time I checked, the whole argument in favour of using consumer technologies in the enterprise was their flexibility, their design experience and their overall more user-friendly approach to offering products and services. If that's the case, why do Facebook and Google suddenly seem worse than the most dictatorial IT exec?

Why do they get away with it? Because the core technology services they provide -- the ability to find information, the ability to share it and the ability to connect with people -- works really well. As long as IT is running like that, people can overlook a lot. There could come a day when consumer technology providers became so ruthless, so confident in the dependency of the people who sign up for their services, that the only champion of put-upon users will be the CIOs and IT managers who were bullied into integrating the likes of Facebook and Google as a part of their technology portfolio. The only way they'll ever achieve a similar kind of authority and control again is to be as good at providing enterprise IT as these firms provide social media and search. CIOs shouldn't emulate the consumer firms' management style, but the credibility and authority they've built through their products and services is a lesson too important to ignore.


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