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Interview: COO, Domino’s Pizza Singapore & Malaysia

Anushkar Mohinani | Jan. 26, 2012
Ba-U Shan-Ting, chief operating officer of Domino’s Pizza in Singapore and Malaysia, shares a slice of the fast food chain’s customer-centric approach that focuses on leveraging technology optimally in its business processes.

Domino's COO

Ba-U Shan-Ting, chief operating officer, Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia

In the following interview, Ba-U Shan-Ting, chief operating officer (COO) of Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia, shares a slice of the fast food chain’s business approach, which, he says, evolves in response to technological advances so as to match the ongoing evolution of customer preferences.

Can you describe Domino’s Pizza’s philosophy & business model and how this translates into its approach to IT?

Domino’s is very focused on customer preferences as a strategy in the business. The Domino's philosophy rests on two principles: A passion to deliver a first class pizza dining experience to our customers to ensure absolute satisfaction coupled with the desire to innovate – be it in terms of our menu or the way we run the business. IT therefore plays a huge part in both these principles and we are continually watchful for technological advances that can be cost effectively applied in our business. 

How is Domino’s Pizza integrating technology successfully into its business processes and customer experience in Singapore and Malaysia?

Technology is integrated in all aspects of our businesses from the way customers place their orders (e.g. through our E-store or VOIP call centre), to the way the orders are communicated to our stores, and all the way to tracking the process to the customers’ door and back. Furthermore, how we communicate with our customers continues to develop and change as broadband Internet and smartphone penetration increases.

Furthermore, how we evolve with technology is aimed directly or indirectly at improving our customers’ experience. All strategies start from a single premise. We consider the cost, the current market capabilities and prevailing infrastructure available to ascertain whether we are prepared to move forward. We always place great emphasis on the customers’ ability to conveniently place orders in the fastest possible time. We will continue to evolve as infrastructure improves.

What has been the most significant tech-related project in the past year?

Last year, Domino's Pizza launched the inaugural GPS Tracker, short for ‘Great Pizza Service’ Tracker. The GPS Tracker is a real-time delivery tracking system for our customers in Malaysia and Singapore, which allows them to check on their delivery orders. Customers can actually track their pizza being made and being put into the oven as well as when the delivery person is on his or her way to their house.

Moving forward, we are working on a mobile ordering system, which is the next logical step in making the Domino’s Pizza brand more accessible to on-the-go customers.

How do you define your role as the COO of Domino’s Pizza in Singapore and Malaysia? What does it mean to be a COO in this industry?


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