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It's time for IT pros to declare their technology freedom?

Rob Enderle | July 4, 2014
Here in the U.S. we celebrate the 4th of July our day of independence signifying freedom. But we often seem happier when there is someone telling us what to do -- some person or vendor who takes away the burden of a decision and just makes it for us.

Now there are risks to this: Stuff often doesn't work well together and if you make a choice, you get the blame if it is a bad one.   But I still the choice is worth it.

Are You on a Vendor Path to Freedom?

During this time when we celebrate freedom, I think we should work to preserve it for our firms. With that in mind, before even considering a product, consider whether the vendor works well with others, has a history of doing what is right for the customer and works its butt off to be competitive and honest — not dictatorial and dishonest.

There are vendors in the market at all levels that preserve choice, focus on customer advocacy and loyalty as key measures of success, and that appear to care more about you and your company than they do about your quarterly budget and how much they can get of it.  

I'm suggesting that this 4th of July, even if you aren't U.S.-based, you sit back and think of the vendors that had your back and those that had a knife to it. Now is the perfect time to formulate a plan to get more of the former and get the latter the hell out of your company. In the end, I expect you'll be more successful, happier and to a large extent more free as a result.

Happy 4th of July!


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