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More customer service with less

Vijay Venugopalan | Sept. 17, 2009
New generation buying behaviours are changing how customer service needs to be delivered and enterprises must adjust.

2. If the volumes of such contacts are more, its an indication that sustenance of that business is in stake and something needs to be done.

Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this. If you think brand loyalty, sheer size of the company or its customer base can save the companies, it is not entirely true. Our consumers are connected to infinitely fast Web applications such as social networks that have created a level-playing field for a newcomer with innovative ideas or products for a long-timer as well. Our consumer will choose what suits him best and go for it.

Discipline in businesses

Scary isnt it? But this is going to drive discipline in businesses across the globe. Organisations that are transparent and have open communication with their consumers will emerge stronger. Successful businesses will demonstrate their ability to understand what is required for the future, acknowledge it, act and change. It is just that this cycle will get quicker and quicker going forward.

Thus businesses will be much more agile, organisation hierarchies simplified, scientific and competitive, carefully governed, extremely cost-effective and greatly profitable, lean and meanall the good stuff that investors and shareholders are expecting.

Good news for my friends like Tom is todays challenges will slowly disappear. However, they will be dealing with different challenges. As an organisation, they will have to slice and dice the massive information they have collected by listening to customers and structure their business.

These are good-to-have challenges as overcoming them will result in improved revenues, profits and cash flows.

Now do you see a different connotation to my question to Tom Why are the customers calling in the first place? Organisations should find ways to stop customers from contacting them rather then worrying about how to manage the contacts pouring in.

Coming to think of it, customer service is also like democratic government: Of the people, by the people and for the people. Dont you agree?

Vijay Venugopalan is the Asia Pacific head of CRM capability for BT Global Services.


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