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Technology jeopardy: Beat the odds of project failure with a single question

By David K. Johnson | Sept. 12, 2014

We're seeing a pattern unfold as our research follows companies making the greatest gains with their efforts at improving customer experience. The ones leading their industries made deliberate investments in technology to make richer, better information available to customer-facing employees when and where they could use it to help customers the most. Notice I said "help customers," which is not the same as marketing to them. Helping customers means acknowledging them, recognizing what they're trying to achieve, and meeting that need better than your competitors do. In other words, helping people do their best work on behalf of your company's customers.

Know what else is cool? I've presented this research to audiences full of infrastructure and operations pros, and they got it immediately. Many have come up to me and asked when we're going to have more cognitive science-based research that we can share so they can use it to go to work on their executives with it. Stay tuned for more research from me, along with my Forrester colleagues Megan Burns and James Staten. This is going to be big.


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