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The new C'I' O targets

Divina Paredes | June 12, 2012
There are four types of personas CIOs have to play today, says Ray Wang, principal analyst of Constellation Research.

He says CIOs have to think about the five technology forces that will be there in the next five years: mobile, social, cloud, big data analytics and unified communications.

A key skill is to determine which disruptive technology to adopt or not adopt. It is important, he says, to "fail fast, iterate, learn from these lessons and make sure you are okay. Don't make the same mistake and keep experimenting"

Wang recommends using the 'DEEPR' framework when making these decisions.

• D stands for discovery, figuring out what the hype is about.

• E stands for experimentation, identifying meaningful metrics and incorporating social into business models.

• E stands for evangelisation, choosing the right tools and fostering internal collaboration.

• P is for pervasiveness, scaling to match demand and securing long term funding.

• R is for realisation. "Learn those lessons, think about what you have to do about change management, how you got the executive sponsor and use this in the next project."

He says the bottom line for ICT decisions is this: "Effort must increase business value while reducing technology costs."

Meanwhile, another area CIOs need to look into is the "technology of teaming" as enterprises deploy collaboration tools.

Wang recommends the work done by the Gabriel Institute which created the technology to measure 'teaming characteristics' or the ability to connect with others to form a productive team. "It helps you pick up the right teams, helps you develop the right skills and it is based on looking at 10 scenarios.

"That is something everybody needs to take a look at," he explains. "Very, very progressive companies are doing this."


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