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The tech revolution

Ben Rossi | April 10, 2013
Some may say it's quite bold to declare your IT expo as the world's most important gathering of CIOs and senior IT executives.

According to Gartner, 18 percent of CIOs are already fulfilling this role, which Sondergaard said is driven by the digitisation of business segments like marketing and R&D spend; the digitations of how organisations service their customers to drive client retention; and how organisations are turning this digitisation into new revenue streams.

"The result is every budget is an IT budget," he said. "Digitisation of the enterprise is commencing as a result of the nexus. Therefore, organisations are going to create the role of a chief digital officer as a part of the business unit leadership -- a new seat at the executive table. They will be responsible for the digital business strategy."

Meanwhile, Hall used his keynote to highlight the increasing importance of the Middle East to the global economy, attributing that to the reason for Gartner's first Symposium in the region.

Whilst acknowledging oil reserves as delivering a vast amount of prosperity to the region, he pointed to IT as its most important driver of innovation, growth and prosperity going forward.

"IT will be central to the ongoing success of the GCC," Hall said. "These are remarkable times for information technology. We're in the cusp of a massive transition period, the impact of which will be on par with that of the industrial revolution."

Directing the CIOs in the room, he continued, "As technology leaders, it will be up to you to create IT strategy that leverages technology to improve productivity and drive long-term growth.

"It will be your charge to demonstrate the business value of IT to your enterprise, and it will be up to you to lead a new work force. Each of you plays a critical role in leading the GCC through the technology revolution."


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