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Why 'Agile Project Management Controls' isn't an oxymoron

David Taber | April 12, 2013
George Carlin made phrases like 'jumbo shrimp' famous. But the need to control agile projects is no joke. Ask the right questions along the way, though, and you'll bring order to a process than can easily turn chaotic.

When it comes to a measurement of executive participation, perhaps the best is "number of decisions that were overridden or had to be escalated to a VP to be resolved." Lower is better here.

Agile Makes Bean Counters Happy After All

The reality here is that agile doesn't give you beans to count the way waterfall projects do. Surprise! Here's an MBA who says, "Good." Beans aren't going to make your business any more profitable.

If you want more profitability, the key success factors are working on the things that matter, avoiding the stuff that's just make-work and ensuring users actually use what you produce. If you relentlessly focus on business value, you'll be able to edge the savvy CFO toward agile even though it looks "uncontrolled."


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