teng fang yih
Teng Fang Yih
Editor, MIS Asia Magazine
The Definitive Index
The MIS Strategic 100 is a special annual index of the top 100 providers of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and services as chosen by the region’s most progressive enterprise technology practitioners and industry experts.

In 2012, the organisations that made it onto the Strategic 100 once again demonstrated the following: industry leadership, product and service innovation, strong financial performance.

And we at MIS Asia, again, have the honour of congratulating them on their stellar performance in the past 12 months.


This year, as with every other year, we started by compiling the list of major players in the global information and communication business. From this initial list, we extracted those whose businesses were primarily in Asia and placed them on the questionnaire for the Regional 20; the other companies were put on the questionnaire for the Global 75. Then we compiled another list for the Rising Stars, the companies for which were based on the recommendations of our advisors (from the editorial board of MIS Asia and on the panel of Strategic 100 judges) and other selected members of the IT management community across Asia.

The three questionnaires were consolidated into a single form for each of our judges, who proceeded to evaluate each of the companies we shortlisted on based on the following factors. Those who scored the highest in their categories earned their place in the 2012 edition of the Strategic 100.
  • Industry Leadership. Demonstration of the ability to continually spearhead revolutions in mass technology deployments or industrial/business processes as impacted by ICT; show the way in implementation of best practices; and, redefine cost efficiency.
  • Products and Services Innovation. The delivery of solutions that have helped customers raise efficiencies, increase the marketability of their respective products and services, achieve their environmental goals, and/or enhance their market standing.
  • Global Impact. Leadership in major initiatives that substantially transform the global information and communications business for the better. These initiatives or developments are often to do with mass movements involving adoption of new technologies or computing/communications paradigms.
  • Contribution to Industry Development. Demonstration of constant high-level involvement in the mobilisation of organisations and leaders from the information and communications technology industry toward a positive common cause, such as the establishment and/or improvement of industry standards.
  • Financial Performance. The generation of stellar financial results, particularly in the reporting areas of operating profits, sales revenue, profit growth, and turnover growth.

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