Industry Leadership, Product and Service Innovation, Strong Financials
As with last year’s edition, the 2012 Strategic 100 lineup comprises the top hundred ICT companies considered to be of great value to public and private organisations across Asia. Along with the rest of the market, they took a beating throughout the year, but they got up, continued to serve their customers well, providing their best and most reliable technologies. And by the end of the cycle, they had come out on top, on the Strategic 100 list, as companies that had proven, without a doubt, that they were leaders in the global ICT market.

The 2012 Strategic 100 honourees come under three classes—the Global 75, the Regional 20 and the Rising Stars. Click on the links below and read on.

The Global 75 are those generally accepted by our judges as world leaders in their field, in terms of reach, operational and financial might, and influence on the ICT industry.
The Regional 20 are those acknowledge by our judges as Asia’s powerhouses, whose operations not only enable, empower and connect enterprises across this vast region but also have a direct impact on economies this side of the world.
The Rising Stars are the 5 firms tipped most likely to lead technology development and deployment movements in the years to come. These are the game-changers, so to speak.