Molecular Sieve Activated Powder

The original molecular Sieve-Activated Powder is the original molecular Sieve powder after being heated at high temperature to remove water from the channel. This powder has strong adsorption and dispersion.

About Molecular sieve activated powder:
The original molecular Sieve-Activated Powder is the molecular sieve's original powder. After roasting at high temperature to remove water from the channel it has strong adsorption and dispersion.

The production and preparation Polyurethane (PU), products is a complicated process. The polyols' trace water reacts with the isocyanate to produce carbon dioxide, which results in foaming. A large amount of heat is also released, which results in a shorter service time (operation time). JLH series molecular sieve activated pulver added to polyurethane or other products system can be effective selective absorption of trace water in typical formula polyurethane formula, inhibit side reactions so as to reduce bubble generation and extend the use of the application period. For polyurethane systems, Jlh-03b and JLU PU are ideal.


Other materials, solvents and pigments can also be used in special paints or coating systems. In some cases, trace moisture can lead to adverse effects. This is true for coatings and zinc metal. Trace moisture reacts with the metallic pigments of zinc, aluminum, and other produce hydrogen gas. It can even cause leakage in extreme situations. JLH series molecular Sieve activated powder can effectively adsorb any trace water in the system, and prevent the formation of hydrogen.

Molecular sieve activated molecular powder JLH series is very stable. The powder will not react with any system.

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Technical Parameter Molecular Sieve activated powder: Unit TR-03-B TR-04 TR-05-A TR-013 TR-PU Notification Static H2O Absorption %wt >=24.5>=26.0>=30.0>=26.0>=30.0>=26.0>=26.0>=30.0>=26.0>=26.0>=26.0>=30.0>=26.0>=26.0RH75%, 25 Exchange Degree % >=45->75 -- – CI- % <=0.5 - <=0.5 - - - pH-value = =11, =11, =11, =11, =11, =11, =11 and =11 11% Solution Package Moisture %wt <=2.0 <=2.0 <=2.5 <=2.5 <=2.0 550, 2hr Screen Residual: %wt = 0.05 =0.55 =0.55 =0.55 =0.55 =0.55 =0.55 =0.5 525 Mesh
Item Type

Applications Molecular Sieve activated powder:

Paint and paint

Polyurethane dehydration

Adhesives, sealants

Deep dehydration solvents and pigments

Shipping and Packing of MolecularSieve Activated Pulp:
15kg/Carton - with alumium foil in the inside and out

Customers can request customized packaging.

Molecular Sieve activated powder properties

Other Titles N/A
No. N/A
Combination Formula N/A
Molecular Weight N/A
Appearance NA
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact Mass N/A

Molecular Sieve activated powder Health & Safety Information

Signal word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety statements N/A
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