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AiGong helps NEST perform the ultimate visual feast throughout the whole process

wallpapers News 2021-11-29
AiGong helps NEST perform the ultimate visual feast throughout the whole process
On November 18th, after a 7-day group match, the RW, SN, iG and Xi'an WE teams successfully emerged from the 15 teams and officially opened the semi-finals championship today. Next, let us and the only designated display brand AOC Aikong Display to appreciate the wonderful performance of these four teams, and look forward to the birth of the king.
As a professional e-sports brand under AOC Display, AiGong is committed to creating more extreme products and giving e-sports players more professional assistance. Just as AGON means hard work and attack in Greek, players can not only enjoy the charm of e-sports with its excellent performance, but also can forge ahead and strive for victory in the game.
It is precisely based on this original intention that Ai Gong strives to seek breakthroughs through joint partners, and is also creating an international training and competition atmosphere for Chinese e-sports players. At the same time, it can also create a professional e-sports ecosystem for the majority of e-sports players in a platform-based operation. Since its establishment in 2013, NEST, which has filled the gap of large-scale comprehensive e-sports events in China, has completed 9 years of exploration and development as a tripartite event under the background of current e-sports in the era of manufacturers. Such strength and experience are undoubtedly a hit with Ai Gong.
In addition, NEST has accumulated many years of competition operation concepts, hoping to help the goal of sinking e-sports culture through impression reconstruction, content ecology, and commercial exploration, so that Ai Gong has strengthened its cooperation with NEST. I believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, with the help of NEST's competition influence and the spirit of ‘being warlike and only for the players’, the original intention of creating a professional e-sports ecosystem for the majority of players will surely be further realized.
As an old friend of the NEST National E-sports Competition, in the NEST2021 ‘League of Legends’ project, Ai Gong not only brought players to the German Red Dot Design Award based on appearance! Combining a variety of black technologies into one machine AGON PRO series flagship machine AG274QXM, also specially prepared surprise gifts to give back to everyone.
During the event from November 11th to November 21st, follow the ‘NEST National E-Sports Competitio’ official Weibo and the NEST Huya live broadcast room, participate in the 2021NEST League of Legends project series activities, and have a chance to win the love attack of super-burning performance monitor.
Since its inception, AGON has always been adhering to the spirit of ‘being warlike, only for the players’, and is committed to continuously developing products that meet the needs of players. At present, AGON Ai Gong has successively sponsored domestic and foreign e-sports teams such as RNG, G2, and Team Liquid to create a top-notch training environment for professional teams; and has joined forces with the NEST national e-sports competition to support e-sports through powerful hardware performance. Create a fair, just and equal competitive environment for players in all aspects, help millions of players, and interpret a visual feast!

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