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Application of Nanodiamond in Lubrication Technology

wallpapers News 2021-04-15
Application of Nanodiamond in Lubrication Technology
Application of Nanotechnology in Lubrication
Lubrication is closely related to the operation of mechanical equipment. Lubrication is like the blood of mechanical equipment. Without lubrication, there will be no mechanical equipment. The emergence of nanoscience and technology is undoubtedly a breakthrough in modern science and technology, and nanotribology is one of the new disciplines.
Application of NanoDiamond in Lubrication
1. The polishing of solid materials by nanodiamond is important to the development of theory and technology. Nanodiamond has high hardness, small size, and high adsorption, which are important physical properties for its role in lubrication application technology.
2. Nanodiamond and non-nanodiamond carbon and a small number of other additives. Because nanodiamond material has a particle size of 3-6nm and a specific surface area of ​​390-450m2/g, it has strong covalent bonds and strong lipophilic and hydrophobic properties, so the oil can form a stably dispersed colloidal system. The nanodiamond and non-diamond carbon as anti-wear agents are evenly distributed in the lubricating oil. The lubricating oil is used as a carrier to run the nanodiamond and non-diamond carbon to the friction interface to form nano Diamond and non-diamond carbon are the supporting points and the super-hard lubricating film covered with base oil. When the equipment has boundary lubrication conditions, it will exert a peculiar effect.
3. Because nano-diamond has the characteristics of large specific surface area and high surface activity, it can be used as a lubricating additive to obtain better anti-wear and anti-wear properties, so it shows a good application prospect in the field of lubrication.
People use physics, chemistry, materials, electronics, and other cross-science theories to comprehensively study the properties of nanodiamonds, which will strongly promote the wider application of nanodiamonds in the fields of machinery, materials, electronics, and energy. These will promote the rapid development of Renlai's technology and bring more material benefits and gospel to people. It is believed that with the deepening of research on the application of diamond nanomaterials, its bright prospects will become closer and closer to reality.
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