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China's 3D glass industry market will develop rapidly in 2020, and the coating material silicon dioxide will explode and grow

wallpapers News 2020-03-10
PART1 3D Glass Industry Overview

As a hard and brittle material, 3D glass has processing characteristics of high precision, high stability, and high efficiency. Hard and brittle material cutting and polishing processing equipment needs to have high intelligence, high ability, large-scale production capacity, and at the same time to achieve high-precision processing requirements. With the expansion of downstream application fields and the improvement of processing standards, hard and brittle materials present new processing requirements such as square, slice, drill, chamfer, bend, and so on.

Taking the design of the 3D four-curved glass back cover as an example, the inner surface of the glass uses a five-layer structure, including optical coating and micro-nano texture. Each layer has been polished through multiple processes to present a 3D dynamic light and shadow finally. However, behind Ambilight, the product yield is only 30%.

In this age of looking at faces, the appearance of mobile phones is one of the essential selling points of mobile phone manufacturers. Most mobile phone brands pursuing high-value and excellent visual effects have turned to 3D curved glass design. Data show that it is expected that touch panel glass shipments will increase by more than 41.8% in 2020-2025.

PART2 3D glass market analysis

With the continuous emergence of 3D glass-related products on the market and the trend of heavy volume, China's major processing manufacturers have begun to invest in 3D glass production lines to promote the improvement of 3D glass yield and industrial penetration. Data show that since 2015, China's 3D glass production has continued to grow, and in 2019 China's 3D glass production reached nearly 3.5 million square meters.

PART3 3D glass industry development prospects

The data shows that the scale of China's 3D glass market will reach 15.6 billion yuan in 2019. With the gradual maturity of 3D glass process technology, product yields continue to increase, costs rapidly fall, driving the rapid growth of 3D glass applications, and driving the further market growth. The market size is expected to be nearly 45 billion yuan in 2025.

The rapid growth of 3D glass will inevitably drive the production of upstream and downstream products. The coating material is the primary raw material of the 3D glass,The silica market will also follow the explosion. Tongrun Nanotechnology is a world-renowned silica production. Dr. Leo, an international market researcher at the company, said: "To meet market demand, we are ready to adjust production capacity."
If you have product requirements or questions about the product, you can consult Tongrun Technology Researcher Dr. Leo, email: brad@ihpa.net.