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Export of Natural Graphite Drops by 15%, Graphite Grease is Still A Necessity for Industry

wallpapers News 2020-03-26
Graphite has a crystal structure of a hexagonal system. Because the bonding force between the planes parallel to the base plane is weak, these crystals are natural to shear between their aircraft, that is, the friction is small, and they can support the load perpendicular to the base plane. Hence, the bearing capacity is secure, and the friction coefficient is low. Graphite has the best properties as a solid lubricant.
Graphite grease is made of inorganic thickener thickened synthetic ester oil, refined with ultra-fine graphite powder, antioxidant, corrosion resistance and other additives. When the ultra-high temperature grease exceeds 200℃, the base oil volatilizes slowly, and graphite adheres to the lubricating surface to form reliable Lubrication. It is especially suitable for the Lubrication of high-temperature friction parts and bearings under heavy load, impact load, humidity, and polluted environment providing maximum rust and corrosion resistance.
Graphite has excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance, long service life, good extreme pressure antiwear performance and adhesion, low coefficient of friction, superior mechanical stability, excellent chemical stability, water vapour resistance, weak acid and corrosion resistance, etc. Can provide rust and corrosion protection in harsh environments.
Now graphite has been widely used in engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, transportation machinery, mould parts and other industries, suitable for bearings, bushings, gears, chains, turntables, guide rails, fasteners, couplings, automotive leaf springs and other bearings, Lubrication, rust and corrosion protection of heavy-duty friction parts such as fasteners, couplings, automobile leaf springs, etc.
According to Chinese customs data, China's natural graphite export volume was 290,000 tons in January-December 2019, a year-on-year decrease of 15%; in January-December 2019, China's natural graphite export value was 326,101 thousand dollars, a year-on-year decline of 6.4%.
The large and medium-sized graphite deposits discovered in the world are mainly distributed in China, India, Brazil, Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico and other countries. According to the US Geological Survey, the world's graphite reserves are 71 million tons, and China's graphite reserves are 55 million tons, accounting for 77% of the world.
As the international epidemic is getting worse, Trunnano, as a high-quality supplier of graphite, can ship usually.
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