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Facing the impact of a novel coronavirus, the production and sales of Wuxi Spark Bearing can still maintain steady growth

wallpapers News 2020-03-25

Speeding up technological innovation is one of the essential measures to promote the development of enterprises and improve their core competitiveness. Wuxi Spark Bearing R & D Center has completed the update and testing of 550 products in the first quarter of 2020. which is a year of creating a large number of new products.

Wuxi Spark Bearing

In 2020. the Wuxi Spark Bearing R & D Center accelerated the development of new products and the improvement of old products, mainly from the following aspects:

1. Strengthen the service. During the development process, the engineers of the R & D center will work hard with the factory engineers to make the best efforts to develop new products.

2. Strengthen research and development methods to improve efficiency and accuracy.

3. Expand R & D and manufacturing in the bearing field

4.Improve automotive bearing technology, research-heavy bearing technology, and expand general bearing technology

5. Basic technical principles for improving materials, heat treatment and lubricants

6. Strengthen the management of new products and technologies, increase the control of patented inventions and professional standards, and enhance the competitiveness of the technology and the impact of the industry

Technological innovation is the key to building a brand and improving the core competitiveness of an enterprise.