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Graphite new materials industry welcomes important growth in 2020

wallpapers News 2020-04-20
According to estimates, when electric vehicles reach 10 million units/year, the demand for power batteries is expected to reach 500GWh, and the lithium-ion battery industry will reach a scale of more than 500 billion yuan. The output value of graphite anode materials driven by this will reach 50 billion yuan. In 2025, the global demand for power batteries is 830GWh ~ 1238GWh, and it is expected that graphite anode materials will be 830,000 ~ 124 million tons, which is 5 ~ 10 times that of 2019. In 2025, electricity is expected to produce a global anode material output value of 100 billion US dollars.
In the future, electrochemical energy storage is the fastest-growing and most concerning energy storage technology. It is predicted that the global energy storage market will reach 420GW by 2020, and the cumulative installed capacity of global energy storage projects will reach 800GW by 2024. This field of graphite application deserves attention.
Besides, new material fields such as graphene, fuel cells, isostatic graphite products, and thermally conductive graphite products are expected to drive further growth in the natural graphite industry. Among them, isostatic graphite is an essential consumable for the production of single-crystal silicon wafers. It is predicted that the global photovoltaic industry graphite will exceed 56,000 tons by 2020, and the demand for graphite in the high-end heat dissipation material market will reach more than 350,000 tons; by 2025, the need for fuel cells The amount of graphite will reach 200,000 tons.
Graphite will still exceed supply in 2020
The most prominent feature of the graphite market in 2019 is that natural graphite prices fell slightly. The amount of -190 grade graphite in 2017 was 2800 ~ 3200 yuan (ton price, the same below), which fell to 1900 ~ 2200 yuan in 2019; the amount of -195 grade graphite was 4400 ~ 4600 yuan in 2017 and fell to 3600 ~ 4000 yuan in 2019. Besides, the prices of natural graphite of 895 and other specifications also fell to varying degrees.
Oversupply is the main reason for the decline in natural graphite prices, and imported natural graphite also plays a role in suppressing.
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