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High Value-added Graphite in the International Graphite Market Will Be the Future Development Direction

wallpapers News 2020-04-01
Global natural graphite reserves and production ratio
Natural graphite is a crystalline mineral of the carbonaceous element, which has two forms: crystalline and cryptocrystalline. Among them, the crystalline graphite has better floatability, lubricity, and plasticity than other types of graphite. With the deepening understanding of graphite's anti-corrosion, anti-radiation, self-lubricating properties, its application fields have become more extensive. High-purity graphite, graphite for the nuclear industry, graphite fiber, and silicon-impregnated graphite have appeared. In particular, the discovery of graphene in recent years has caused widespread concern in emerging areas such as electronic communications, lithium-ion batteries, aerospace and military, biomedicine, environmental protection, solar energy, and optoelectronics.
According to BP Energy Statistical Yearbook 2019, the world's graphite reserves in 2018 were 36.7 million tons. With the deepening of prospecting work in other countries, more and more graphite deposits have been discovered. China is a major producer, consumer, and exporter of natural graphite. China has about 73 million tons of natural graphite reserves, ranking first in the world.
Global natural graphite industry output and distribution
In recent years, the world's natural graphite output has remained stable. BP data shows that the global natural graphite industry's production in 2017 was 865,000 tons, and the creation in 2018 increased to 895,600 tons. China's natural graphite output has consistently ranked first in the world for a long time. In 2018, China's graphite output reached 630,000 tons, accounting for about 70.3% of the world's total production.
At present, large and medium-sized natural graphite deposits in the world are mainly distributed in China, India, Brazil, Mozambique, Mexico, and other countries. In 2018, China's natural graphite output reached 630,000 tons, followed by Brazil's natural graphite output of 95,000 tons.

Analysis of Supply and Demand Status of China's Natural Graphite Industry
China leads the mainstream of natural graphite production, plays a pivotal role in the supply of the international graphite market, and is an authentic graphite producer. BP statistics show that China's natural graphite output reached 630,000 tons in 2018, accounting for about 70.3% of the world's total.
In recent years, China's natural graphite consumption has been increasing, and the consumption structure has shifted from the traditional refractory materials, casting pencils, and other fields to the new energy and new materials field. China and the world's natural graphite consumption structure is the same, mainly in the areas of refractory materials, metallurgical casting, electrical conduction, and lubrication.
Natural graphite is irreproducible and irreplaceable. The application of natural graphite will be mainly to prepare graphene, battery electrode materials, expanded graphite, fluorinated graphite, and high-purity graphite. As the anode material of lithium-ion batteries, graphite can significantly improve the cycle performance and lithium intercalation capacity. The selection and optimization of intercalation agents and oxidants for the preparation of expanded graphite are the main research directions in the future. Low value-added graphite products are still the leading consumer area of ​​natural graphite. Again, their proportion will gradually decrease, and the percentage of high value-added graphite products will achieve rapid growth. The scientific use and protection of natural graphite resources and the development of high-end products will be an inevitable choice.
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