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How much do you know about calcium nitride?

wallpapers News 2021-04-08
Overview of calcium nitride
Calcium nitride, the chemical formula Ca3N2, is a kind of brown powder. It is oxidized in the air and hydrolyzed in contact with water to generate calcium hydroxide and release ammonia, which is soluble in dilute acid.
The chemical properties of calcium nitride
Calcium nitride will be hydrolyzed in contact with water to form calcium hydroxide and release ammonia. It is soluble in dilute acid and decomposes in alcohol. It will not decompose if used and stored according to specifications. Properties αCa3N2 (reverse Sc2O3 type) transforms to βCa3N2 at 700℃. The color of the product varies depending on the temperature of the preparation. It is black at 350°C, golden yellow at 1150°C, and milky white at temperatures between the two. It reacts with water and decomposes into Ca(OH)2 and NH3. Ca3N2+6H2O3Ca(OH)2+2NH3.
A synthesis method of calcium nitride
Calcium nitride can be produced by reacting elemental calcium in a nitrogen stream. The fine fibrous calcium metal purified by distillation is placed in a nickel boat and heated at 450°C for 3 to 4 hours in a pure N2 air stream. Because metallic calcium undergoes a crystal transformation (hexagonal crystal Ca→body-centered cubic Ca) at this temperature, the metal lattice structure becomes loose, so the nitridation reaction speed is very fast, and calcium nitride can be obtained.
Uses of calcium nitride:
Mainly used in chemical reagents; can be used as hydrogen storage material; is the main raw material for high-end phosphors.
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