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Instagram Finally Lets You Post From Your Desktop

wallpapers News 2021-10-20
The social network finally allows people to post photos and videos through a browser, rather than relying on a mobile app. The feature will be rolled out worldwide later this week.
Desktop posting is one of the features Instagram frequently requests. Some of you, myself included, have gone to great lengths to publish directly from computers to platforms. I tried using the Android version on  Chrome OS and even tried to mimic it with Bluestacks on Windows. But this official method of publishing through a browser is much more effective than third-party solutions.
Instagram previously allowed you to access feeds through a browser, but only to send messages and see updates. For years, the social network was just a mobile app, but as the creator economy grows (Instagram is one of the major platforms), the Facebook-owned platform must begin to evolve to allow more flexibility.
Instagram also announced several other features aimed at boosting creativity (and competing with TikTok). The company plans to expand its collaboration features to make it easier to co-write articles and reels with other users. Fundraising tips have also changed, so you can start a fund directly on Instagram, making it easier to link people to where to donate. In addition, Reels will add musical features such as Superbeat, which adds special effects to videos based on a song's beat, and 3D lyrics that display lyrics in sync with the melody.
According to TechCrunch, the co-creation capability is currently in beta. Users can tag each other to invite other accounts to collaborate. Once the other user accepts the tag, both usernames will appear in the Reel as authors, thus referencing both creators for the work. They will also have a shared view count, like count, and comment thread. The company has been testing the feature since July.
The new Collabs feature will roll out this week, while the fundraising feature will launch on Wednesday, October 20. New music effects and the ability to create Instagram posts on the desktop will be available starting October 21.