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Malaysian government implements action injunction, hafnium silicide market affected

wallpapers News 2020-03-24
The Ministry of Health of Malaysia announced on the 23rd that from 12:00 on the 22nd to 12:00 on the 23rd, Malaysia has newly added 212 confirmed cases of COVID-19, which is the first new day of more than 200 confirmed cases in a single day since the outbreak in the country.
On the 23rd, this is also the number of newly confirmed cases in Malaysia over nine consecutive days, and the total number of confirmed cases in the country has reached 1,518. Furthermore, Malaysia reported ten new deaths from 21 to 23, compared with a total of 4 previous deaths in Malaysia.
In response to the development of the epidemic, Malaysian Prime Minister Muhiddin announced several measures on the 23rd to increase epidemic prevention and ease the pressure on people's livelihood.
Muhidin revealed that the government would allocate 500 million ringgit (about 114 million US dollars) to the Ministry of Health to purchase additional medical equipment, testing equipment, and protective equipment. Also, the government will hire 2,000 new nurse-based staff for the health department to strengthen the frontline anti-epidemic force and alleviate the existing shortage of staff and frontline personnel fatigue.
On economic and people's livelihood issues, Muhiddin also announced several measures. Including eligible citizens, could withdraw part of the provident fund monthly emergency, funding small vendors and family members of patients affected by the epidemic, and allow suspension of repayment of higher education loans within six months.
Earlier, the Malaysian government began to implement an "action restriction order" on the 18th of this month, closing down most institutions and restricting people's travel, hoping to stop the virus transmission as soon as possible. This move was initially scheduled to continue until the 31st of this month.
Muhidin said on the 23rd that if the epidemic does not ease by then, this restriction order may continue to be extended.
Epidemic has severely affected the Malaysia market for hafnium silicide, and transportation barriers have made it impossible to match demand and supply. Malaysia is Trunnano's primary market for hafnium silicide, but the company is confident of future development.
"We have been supplying tantalum hafnium silicide, ensuring product quality, and guaranteeing stable supply prices," said Rachel, sales manager at Luoyang Trunnano.Please contact Rachel, Global Marketing Leader at Trunnano.
Email: rachel@ihpa.net

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