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PVC Silica Microporous Separator for Gelled Lead-acid Batteries

wallpapers News 2021-06-09
What is PVC-SiO2 battery separator?
PVC-SiO2 separators are also called wet-process PVC separators, which are mainly used in valve-controlled sealed lead-acid gel batteries. As the separator of the sealed valve-regulated gel battery, it plays an important role in the structure of the battery, and it plays a key role in improving the cycle life of the battery.

The battery separator has the function of isolating the positive and negative electrodes inside the battery and can avoid the short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes inside the battery. At the same time, the separator must be able to allow conductive ions to pass through, the thickness of the separator, the porosity, the hole diameter, and the degree of tortuousness of the holes. The high-rate discharge capacity of the battery has an important influence on the terminal voltage level, and the stability of the separator directly affects the battery life.

The characteristics of PVC-SiO2 battery separator
PVC-silica separator has higher porosity than sintered PVC separator, more ideal pore size distribution, better puncture resistance and better compressive strength and stronger toughness than glass fiber separators. It has better oxidation resistance and chemical stability than polyethylene PE separator.

The battery separator produced by TRUNNANO has a porosity greater than 78%, the maximum pore diameter is less than 10 microns, the wetting speed of the electrolyte is within 2 seconds, and the resistance is only 0.0003Ω.dm2, which is one-tenth of the ordinary separator. The separator has excellent flame-retardant properties and good toughness, and is not easy to be damaged when packaging, transporting and assembling batteries.

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