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Situation on China's Wind Power Bearing Market

wallpapers News 2020-02-24

In recent years, China's wind power bearings have gradually changed from a buyer's market to a seller's market. However, due to the high technical and technological requirements of spindle bearings, generator bearings, and gearbox bearings, there is still a significant demand for foreign enterprise products. Domestic manufacturers will focus on producing yaw bearings and pitch bearings.

Before 2007, China's wind turbine bearings were in a fixed supply period, and the contract delivery cycle of some foreign manufacturers' products even reached 1 to 2 years. Product prices were relatively high due to market demand. After 2008, due to the active participation of domestic manufacturers, and the gradual increase in production capacity, the price of wind power bearings has declined. With the continuous enhancement of technical level and production capacity, domestic manufacturers have improved a lot in the supply capacity of wind power bearings, and have more abundant product models.

With the development of China's wind power industry, domestic bearing manufacturers have continuously increased their investment in wind power bearings, and have also made many achievements. The state is also supporting scientific research institutes, universities, colleges, and related enterprises in bearing product research through various channels. Not long ago, a significant project of the National "863" Program, "Key Technology Development of Bearing Steel for High Power Wind Turbines," was officially launched at Yanshan University. Collaborators for this project include Northeastern University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. It is reported that after the successful completion of this project, China will have the ability to produce high-performance, long-life high-power wind turbines with a power of 5 MW, large pitch bearings, pitch bearings, and blade rotor bearing steel, thereby changing China's high-power wind power bearing products. Development is seriously lagging.

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