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Small: using tumor cell microenvironment to initiate peptide nanofiber self-assembly and induce multivalent targeting ligands can enhance the sensitivity and specificity of targeting cancer cells

wallpapers News 2020-11-25
In active targeting cancer therapy many new technologies such as tumor microenvironment induced nanoparticles multivalent ligs have been widely developed by binding to cell surface receptors. Although the principle of each method has been fully demonstrated most systems still face the challenge of low sensitivity low specificity. To fill this gap Professor Dong he's team at the University of Texas at Arlington his collaborators combined the two technologies to improve the sensitivity specificity of tumor cells at the same time. Specifically in the tumor site the self-assembly precursors combined with targeted ligs undergo tumor triggered cleavage thus releasing self-assembly monomers that can form supramolecular structures. Biophysical characterization shows that the self loading precursor can be transformed from monomer or oligomer of low valence lig to supramolecular assembly of multi valence lig through chemical physical transformation in the simulated tumor reductive microenvironment. In vitro cell experiments show that supramolecular structure can affect lig receptor interaction sensitivity of tumor targeting. Tumor responsive supramolecular assemblies induced multivalent ligs can enhance tumor targeting specificity sensitivity respectively. This strategy of tumor microenvironment induced cell targeting combined with multivalent ligs can be used for cell specific molecular imaging drug therapy.

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