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The Newly Developed Beta-atom Battery Has A Service Life of 28,000 Years

wallpapers News 2020-08-27
The American start-up company NDB (Nano Diamond Battery) announced that it has successfully conducted laboratory tests on two so-called beta-atom battery prototypes. The working principle of these batteries is to convert radioactive beta radiation into electric current. Some people think that the invention of NDB is unparalleled, and it will allow batteries to provide energy "forever": from wearable sensors and smartphones to airplanes and even rockets. NDB’s batteries have powerful functions in all aspects. Now, this is just a prototype, but the company promised to start production before the end of this year.
The NDB battery prototype has been tested at Livermore National Laboratory and the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Both laboratories have confirmed that the collection efficiency of batteries produced by NDB has reached a record level of so-called "diamond batteries" based on synthetic diamond. "Atomic" batteries are the source of radioisotopes and are covered by synthetic diamond containers. Isotopes interact with synthetic diamonds during inelastic scattering. This converts radiant energy (beta radiation) into electric current. Since radioactive materials can be "burned" for thousands of years, the life of such batteries will exceed all possible working life of electronic devices.
Such a power source is not dangerous to humans and the environment. Radiation will not be emitted, and the diamond shell can ensure that it will not be damaged. Excessive energy generated by the battery will accumulate in the buffer tank. The developers provided supercapacitors for this purpose, and the energy storage device could be the same lithium-ion battery. So there is no need to charge the smartphone in the future. It will keep charging!
According to NDB, an agreement has been reached with two users for "on-site" testing. The company name was not disclosed. One of them is engaged in the production, maintenance and disposal of nuclear fuel products, and the second belongs to the U.S. military-industrial complex. Everything looks great, the electronic world will completely change, but there is still a long way to go to mass use.

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