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The best iPhone feature you're not using can save you dozens of unnecessary swipes

wallpapers News 2021-11-16
IOS 15 brings a lot of great new features that you've probably already tried out by now -- the new Safari interface, focus mode, notification summaries, and more. But there's one feature you might have missed -- it's been around since iOS 14.
The feature is called "Back Tap," and it adds an extra hardware button to any iPhone that supports wireless charging (iPhone 8 or later). When enabled, you can double-tap or double-tap the back of the iPhone to activate one of the dozens of commands and gestures, as well as shortcuts.
It's not included on the iOS overview page and you'll need to find it in the Settings app. Go to accessibility, then click and return.
Inside, you'll find double click and triple-click options, 16 system actions, 10 secondary actions, two scroll gestures, and any shortcuts you create. This gives you lots of ways to reduce clicking and swiping, from screenshots to switching flashlights. If you're using an iPhone 13, Max, it'll go a long way toward getting access to some inaccessible features, like the control center and notification center.
But the best use of backpressure is to bypass the lock screen. Since Apple introduced Face ID, users have had one more step to get to the home screen. After unlocking the iPhone, you still have to swipe up to open apps, a step that's still annoying even if it's become second nature to you. But with Back Tap, you can set the iPhone to Home when you double Tap or double Tap on the Back, eliminating the need to touch and swipe the screen to fully unlock the phone. I just pick up your phone, wait for Face ID to unlock, and double click on the back to get back to the home screen. It's still not as fast as the home button used to be, but it's getting pretty close.
It's just a utility. There are infinite ways to program two "punch back" shortcuts to quickly perform actions that would normally require multiple clicks. The fewer features the iPhone has, the more useful it is, and we don't know why Apple doesn't talk about that more.