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The new camera features of Sony Xperia Alpha

wallpapers News 2021-10-26
SONY's Xperia phones focus on mobile photography. If the new leaks are accurate, the company plans to introduce some interesting new features for the upcoming Xperia Alpha.
SONY's next flagship phone is expected to be named Xperia Alpha or Xperia Pro 1, according to some news that has recently broken out on Weibo (@i_LEAK_vn). It is expected to have further advanced mobile video production thanks to some excellent features.
Still, the practical benefits of a mobile camera's variable aperture -- at least in 2018 -- weren't as obvious as many had hoped, eventually leading Samsung to drop the feature on later Galaxy S phones. However, SONY first tested a variable focal length telephoto lens on the Xperia Alpha III earlier this spring, so it should come as no surprise that SONY will bring the feature back in 2021.
But perhaps the most interesting new feature of Xperia alpha is an add-on display that can be attached to the back of the phone. It not only allows people to record themselves using the Xperia alpha's sophisticated rear camera but still be able to see themselves and combine rear surveillance footage. That's because SONY also seems to be considering adding a variable aperture camera module that can switch between F /2.0 and F /4.0 to give photographers more control over the phone's depth of field. Now, this isn't the first phone with a variable aperture, as Samsung added a similar feature to the Galaxy S9.
The Xperia Alpha's main rumored feature is a huge 1-inch sensor, a size rarely seen in smartphones except for some oddball devices like Panasonic's Lumix DMC-CM1. The larger sensor is clearly designed to improve overall image quality and low light sensitivity, but the nifty features don't stop there. In addition to the add-on display, it also looks like SONY's Xperia alpha microphone and mount/mount accessory, further tilting into the Xperia alpha theme is positioned as an even more suitable mobile device alternative to SONY's camera streamers and created.
Finally, there are rumors that the Xperia Alpha may be connected to a new SONY VR headset designed to make it easier to watch 360-degree 8K videos on the go, though I'll believe it when I see it happen.
In any case, given the runaway success of SONY's Alpha mirrorless camera line, it makes sense for SONY to continue porting some fancy camera features to phones.
For now, we can only hope that the Xperia Alpha will be somewhat affordable, unlike the Xperia Pro, which starts at a hefty $2,500.