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Three roles of aluminum oxide as filler

wallpapers News 2020-04-26
Since the thermal conductivity of silicone material is not very strong, thermally conductive silicone gaskets usually need to be filled with similar articles to improve thermal conductivity.

Aluminum oxide is a very commonly used filler material. The thermally conductive silicone gasket filled with aluminum oxide plays the following roles:

1. Auxiliary cooling:

If the thermally conductive silicone gasket is filled with aluminum oxide, it is because ordinary silicone is a poor conductor. Directly affixed to the electronic component can only ensure that the two are in close contact, but it cannot radiate heat over a large area. To improve the heat dissipation performance, it can only be supplemented by adding materials such as aluminum oxide. Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity, and this material is convenient to produce and has a low cost. The use of high-quality aluminum oxide can effectively improve the overall heat dissipation capacity of the thermally conductive silicone gasket.

2. Improve flexibility:

When aluminum oxide is added to silica gel, a physical heat conduction grid is formed inside the silicone gasket. Because of the existence of this grid, the heat conduction efficiency is improved at once, and manufacturers generally use spherical aluminum oxide Because the addition of round spherical aluminum oxide can provide the flexibility of the thermally conductive silicone gasket, and the degree of crystallinity and density will be changed. These all affect the heat dissipation rate.

3. Improve the surface:

There are many kinds of thermally conductive materials, and there is another important reason for choosing to add aluminum oxide to the thermally conductive silicone gasket. When aluminum oxide is added, it can achieve unique polymerization characteristics. When a large amount of aluminum oxide is filled, it can improve thermal conductivity. The surface properties of the silicone gasket, which brings better practicality.

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