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Thursday's deals: $4 Alexa Smart plug, TikTok's famous wet vacuum cleaner, Acer laptop, and more

wallpapers News 2021-10-22
The early Black Friday sales are here, and they're spectacular! Best Buy's early Black Friday sales are guaranteed through November 26. If prices fall further between now and Black Friday, Best Buy will refund the difference. Plus, Amazon's epic daily Deals page has thousands of crazy specials and Walmart's early Black Friday sales are incredible.
Looking for extra money to spend on Black Friday? There are two Amazon deals you need to know about.
Amazon is giving away two free limited-time deals up to $22!If you buy a $50 gift card with the promo code USGIFTCARD21, you can earn $10 in Amazon credits (send it to yourself so the funds are added to your account!). When you use Amazon Reload to add $100 to your Amazon gift card balance, the second transaction earns you a $12 credit. Both offers come with a few caveats, which you can read about below.
But if you qualify, you'll end up with $22 for free!
Tinoco Floor 3 wireless wet/dry vacuum
This incredible wet and dry vacuum by Tineco combines washing and vacuuming floors in one easy step. It will also make your floor instantly clean and dry. You can pick up sticky, messy spills and even pet hair, which is something you can use on a sealed hard floor. Such floors include hardwood, laminate, marble, linoleum, vinyl, and tile.
The third level offers a quiet cleaning experience and strong suction that won't disturb your family members or even pets. This modular vacuum cleaner is lightweight and cordless, providing up to 25 minutes of clean power for any task you undertake. Even cooler is the automatic cleaning system, which requires no manual operation. It helps to keep the brush and parts clean and odorless.
AirPods career
AirPods Pro is a great pair of wireless headphones. They sound great, provide reliable noise cancellation and fit well. Then there are apple's magic things -- like auto-switching and even spatial audio support. This helps kick the headphones to the next level.
AirPods come in a complete package, and audio quality is the most important thing to consider when buying headphones. Surprisingly, the AirPods Pro sounds super awesome.
They're not high-fidelity quality headphones, and you shouldn't expect them to be -- but for casual listening, they sound great!
The bass was responding well at first. The headphones do have a bit of bass enhancement, but not too much. The bass here doesn't extend to ultra-low, but you wouldn't expect it. Conversely, kick drums work well through the mix, and bass guitar sounds nice and smooth. All in all, these are headphones worth buying!