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Under the epidemic situation, Italy's blowing agent market will usher in a massive blow?

wallpapers News 2020-03-17

With the development of the epidemic, Italy has become the second country in the world with more than 10,000 diagnoses. As of the 16th, the number of confirmed cases in Italy has reached 27,980, so the economic losses caused will be inevitable.

The construction industry in Italy is very developed, and many characteristic buildings have also promoted the development of other products in the building materials market. As the primary material of foamed concrete, foaming agent for concrete are widely used in many aspects, such as gypsum board,lightweight concrete, and foam. Insulation boards are used. Plant-based cement foaming agent uses high-quality natural plant polymer materials as raw materials. It is non-corrosive to cement and metals and does not cause pollution to the environment. The foaming agent is resistant to the storage, not easy to deteriorate, has excellent foaming performance, is rich in foam, and has moderate foam stability.
Foaming cement made with this foaming agent has the characteristics of low consumption, low cost, and stable quality. Each barrel of foaming agent (200kg) can produce about 500 cubic meters of foaming cement, so it is widely used in floor heating projects. In roof insulation works, construction costs can be significantly reduced. The plant-based foaming agent is currently widely used, and the factory pits that produce the plant-based foaming agent will face a large number of production reductions. Animal cement blowing agent uses selected animal (bovine, sheep) keratin as the primary raw material. Animal cement blowing agent uses selected animal (cow, sheep) keratin as the primary raw material. After a series of hydrolysis reactions, It is made by dissolving, diluting, filtering, and shrinking at high temperatures. It has good formability and excellent foam stability. The new crown virus is said to be caused by animals, so many countries have taken corresponding protection measures for animals. It is predicted that the reduction of animal foaming agents will be more severe than that of plant foaming agents. Some experts estimate that the market demand for foaming agents in Italy will decrease by about 8%, and manufacturers producing foaming agents may face the risk of failure. At last ,if you are interested in related content of cement foaming agent please contact  info@cie-china.org.