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Zinc sulfide history and application

wallpapers News 2021-11-25
The research of zinc sulfide fluorescent material has a history of more than 130 years since it was discovered by French chemist Sidot in 1868. The research of zinc sulfide material has been concerned by people from the 1920s to 1940s.
Zinc Sulfide ZnS Powder CAS 1314-98-3
Zinc sulfide is an important semiconductor material, which is widely used in many fields such as luminescence, sensing, infrared window material, and photocatalysis due to its fluorescence, phosphorescence, and infrared transparency properties. Doped zinc sulfide should be used in a wide range of luminescent materials, such as phosphors (ZnS: Cu, Al), electroluminescent materials (ZnS: Mn), photoluminescent materials (ZnS: Cu, Er), and so on. Zinc sulfide used as a white inorganic pigment, fluorescent pigment, can produce beautiful brilliance, near-ultraviolet reflectance is high, wear and oil absorption are low, excellent rheology, photothermal stability, easy to react to organic pigments and polymers, will not produce a harmful catalytic effect.
Can be used in coating, printing ink, plastic, thermoplastic and thermosetting resin, resin elastomer, synthetic fiber, paper, lubricating oil, paint, glass, rubber, and other aspects; If zinc sulfide contains trace copper, silver ions, can produce fluorescent color, this performance can be used for TELEVISION, oscilloscope, and X-ray device components, all kinds of signs. Most of the zinc sulfide used for phosphor powder is prepared by the solution method, which is characterized by a large yield and low cost. The needle-like crystals of high purity zinc sulfide synthesized directly from elements in the gas phase are used to prepare high-performance coating materials and single-crystal materials.
Zinc sulfide single crystal can be grown by the high-pressure single-crystal furnace and chemical vapor phase transport (CVD).ZNS sheets for optical materials can be prepared by hot-pressing and CVD methods, which are widely used in laser window materials. In recent years, the preparation of zinc sulfide film materials mostly adopts metal-organic chemical vapor deposition method, because of the low growth temperature, the film integrity is good, fewer defects, easy to prepare heterojunction photoelectronic devices.
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