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150KW CCS 2 Plugs EV DC Fast Charger with TUV CE certification

What is TUV-CE certification
The TUV logo is a secure authentication mark customized by German TUV for components products, and has been widely accepted in Germany and Europe. At the same time, enterprises can consolidate the CB certificate when applying for a TUV logo, thereby obtaining certificates from other countries by conversion. Moreover, after the product passes the certification, the German TUV will look forward to the rectifier machine manufacturer of qualified component suppliers to recommend these products; in the whole machine certification process, the components that get the TUV logo can be inspected.
The TUV-CE certification refers to the CE certification issued by the TUV agency, which is the EU product certification certificate issued by TUV.

150KW CCS 2 Plugs EV DC Quick Charger Summary
Grast 150KW CCS 2 Plugs EV DC Fast charger has 95% of high efficiency and is designed to provide 3-level mode 4 to fast charging for electric vehicles. The charger integrated OCPP can easily connect to our Cloud Host Management System for operation, online payment, monitoring, and maintenance. The charging port standard can be CCS / Chademo / GBT. It supports alternating charging and charging simultaneously.

What is EV DC fast charger?
The DC Fast charger is a dedicated DC device that connects the electric vehicle directly to the AC / DC grid (power supply) side, and has a control guide to ensure a reliable connection between the charging pile and the electric vehicle and charging safety. . It also integrates a functional module, including HMI interactive systems, fees, local and remote communication interfaces such as OCPP, to facilitate the use and management of the dedicated device.
DC charging piles provide direct current for electric vehicle battery packs, under the management of the car BMS system, the energy of electric vehicles is ultimately realized.

150kW CCS 2 Plugs EV DC Fast Charger Application
Shopping Plaza, Supermarket, Retail, Market, Restaurant, High Motor Parking, Convenient Gas Station, Highway Service Area, Tourist Attractions, Public Street, Required Location, 4S Retail Store, Commuter Bus or Guest Vehicle, Mining projects, heavy trucks, large and medium-sized trucks, fast transfer, and government projects.

150KW CCS 2 Plugs EV DC Fast Charger Price
Grast's 150KW EV DC fast charger has competitive price and high quality. It is the most cost-effective product with a famous brand of internal parts and perfect design. Prices are greatly influenced by raw materials, labor costs, seasonal purchases and monetary factors.
Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd is a professional AC home charger and DC Fast charger manufacturer for 11 years in China, the charging connectors can be any two of CCS1/CCS2/CHAdeMO/GBT.Please send email to for inquiry.

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