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Advanced materials: a universal dual output generator based on hairpin DNA silver nanoclusters to "light up" multiple associated DNA logic gates and cascading circuits

in today’s society digital devices such as computers based on silicon semiconductors have become the main tools for information processing communication are a carrier external form of Boolean logic operation. However because the miniaturization integration of silicon-based semiconductor devices are limited by the theoretical limit it can not keep the development speed described in “Moore’s law”. Therefore scientists have proposed a new way to realize logic operation based on molecular recognition assembly molecular logic operation system emerges as the times require. The molecular logic gates circuits of

are constantly emerging. Due to the unique advantages of DNA Editing easy design molecular logic system based on DNA has attracted great attention of chemists obvious achievements have been made in this field but there are still some important problems to be solved. Most logic devices with multiple output signals have to rely on covalently labeled signal molecules (such as dyes) which directly leads to a waste of time high cost; in order to produce more than one output signal many logic systems have to introduce many other types of substances (such as unstable hydrogen peroxide) these substances increase The complexity of the logic platform impairs the repeatability of its operation seriously hinders the cascade assembly of different molecular logic gates; in addition the construction of different DNA molecular logic gates often needs to redesign the DNA sequence which also leads to high cost low efficiency. Therefore the development of cost-effective simple non covalent signal labeling molecular logic platform has become a hot topic in the field of molecular computing.

Wang Erkang research group Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences used a new type of hairpin DNA template synthesized silver nanoclusters (h-agncs) as a general dual output generator to obtain a variety of associated logic gates (cclgs) with opposite functions (yes ^ not or ^ nor inhibit ^ implication XOR ^ XNOR majority ^ minority) a variety of extended cascade logic circuits For example parity generators checkers that perform specific functions. As the source of non covalent signals the introduction of h-agncs avoids the tedious expensive molecular labeling steps. Cclgs are associated with h-agncs because of their dual fluorescence emission properties which helps to save the time cost of designing multiple logic gates. Compared with the past this design discards many substances (such as organic dyes) unstable components (hydrogen peroxide) which not only reduces the complexity of the logic platform improves the repeatability of logic operation but also makes the integration of different DNA molecular logic systems easier. Researchers believe that this cost-effective design will inspire people to develop more complex logic systems thus contributing to the development of molecular logic devices.

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