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bearing: "joint" of aero-engine transmission

Bearing is a general term for components that support various shaft structures (such as rotating shafts, mandrels, and transmission shafts). In principle, the bearing is to connect the two parts that have relative rotation or allow relative rotation, to realize the support effect efficiently and smoothly. Bearings are as indispensable as joints to achieve limb movement. People visually compare it to the "joint" of a mechanical system. In modern industry, the most common types of bearings are rolling bearings, oil film bearings, electromagnetic bearings, air bearing, etc.

bearing: "joint" of aero-engine transmission

It is worth pointing out that the prototype of the bearing has been formed very early. In the ancient society without large power equipment, to move large stones, people usually placed several logs at the bottom to push the stones and use the rolling of the woods to achieve the forward movement of the rocks. The fundamental truth behind this simple idea is consistent with the original design of smooth-rolling bearings. Leonardo da Vinci, the great painter and scientist of the Renaissance, showed the bearings he had conceived in the manuscript he painted. It can be seen that this design is very close to the structure of smooth-rolling bearings.
With the advent of modern industrial civilization, bearings ushered in the spring of development history. The huge demand has promoted the rapid advancement of bearing technology and has also achieved the vigorous development of the bearing industry. As far as rolling bearings are concerned, there are so many kinds that they can even be described as dazzling. It has a large volume span, the largest can reach several meters in diameter, and the small can only complete the assembly process with the help of a magnifying glass; its speed range is extensive, from static to millions of revolutions per minute can operate smoothly; It has a wide range of applications, such as aeroplanes, rockets in the sky, cars and ships on the ground, and shield machines for tunnelling underground.
Generally speaking, rolling bearings consist of rolling elements, cages, inner raceways and outer raceways. In addition, in order to prevent the leakage and pollution of lubricating oil, the seal ring is also a part that many rolling bearings will be equipped with. Rolling bearings can be classified differently according to the different structural shapes, materials, and assembly forms of rolling elements, cages, inner raceways, and outer raceways. For example, according to the anatomical shape of rolling elements, rolling bearings can be divided into deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and thrust tapered roller bearings. Also, to withstand more substantial loads, some rolling bearings will also be made in two or more rows, such as double-row angular contact ball bearings and four-row tapered roller bearings.
Aero engines are the masters of modern industrial technology, and bearings play an essential role in aero engines. Considering the requirements of transmission efficiency, structural reliability, vibration and lubrication, the bearings used in aero engines are mainly rolling bearings. And rolling bearings are concentrated in two central parts-transmission systems and rotor system.
Compared with ordinary bearings used in other fields, the bearings used in the aero-engine transmission system have a similar structure. Still, the rotation speed is relatively high, and the requirements for weight and reliability are also more stringent. Also, the gear drive fan structure used in some large bypass ratio turbofan engines uses rolling bearings to achieve the kinematic connection between the planet carrier and the planet gears.
Aero-engine rotor system bearings support the core system of the entire engine and are the most critical bearings in the engine, usually called main bearings. The main bearing of the aero-engine has the characteristics of high speed, high working environment temperature and complicated load. If you compare the aero-engine rotor system to a ballet dancer, the main bearing is her toes, and the elegant rotation and excellent balance are closely related to it. Just like the superb dance posture requires extraordinary effort, the main bearing has only been trained after a lot of hard work. Scientists and engineers have overcome the difficulties of material selection, structural design, lubrication design, reliability design, etc. based on the scientific spirit and craftsmanship of "keep abreast of the rules, observe the mistakes, make every effort, and plan for the poor", Only to achieve the extraordinary working performance of the main bearing.
According to the shape of rolling elements, main bearings can be divided into cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings. But they are different from the same type of bearings in other rotating machinery. Generally speaking, whether it is a cylindrical roller-type main bearing or an angular contact type main bearing, the structure is relatively complicated. The outer ring of the main bearing is usually machined with some individual structures so that the treatment can reduce not only the weight but also facilitate the assembly with other engine components. Also, the inner ring of the bearing is usually made in half. This design is not only for ease of construction, but more importantly, it enables the bearing to achieve smooth and reliable support when it is subjected to motor loads.
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