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Cell Therapy Will Become "the Third Pillar of Medicine", the Application of Stem Cells and Immune Cells Has Broad Prospects

Cells are the basic unit of the human body, and are undergoing a life cycle of growth, differentiation, aging, and withering at any time. Diseases and aging of the body correspond to changes in the quality of cells. The health of the cells means the health of the body.
During the epidemic, stem cells played a huge role in the treatment of severely ill patients with new coronary pneumonia, so "stem cells" and "immune cells" have now become two hot spots in cell therapy. So what exactly are stem cells and immune cells? In this article we will understand the difference between the two.

Stem Cells and Immune Cells Have Different Functions

As we all know, cells are the smallest unit that constitutes the human body. There are more than 200 different cells in our body. They interact and cooperate with each other, each performing their duties, forming a cell kingdom. The existence of any country requires not only builders to build and maintain, but also defense forces to defend against foreign enemies. The same is true for the cell kingdom of our body.
Stem cells are the builders: In the cell kingdom, stem cells are the builders and repairers, and immune cells are the defense forces in the national defense force.
When our human body is still growing, stem cells are responsible for the basic construction of the cell kingdom. They rush to the front line of construction. Through continuous division and differentiation, new cells are created, increasing the types and numbers of our body cells, and finally creating a Healthy human body.
Immune cells are the defenders: We live in a world full of bacteria, viruses and other toxic and harmful substances. Our bodies are constantly attacked by invisible tiny organisms, but we are still alive and healthy. This depends on the protection of the body's own immune system.

The Difference in Classification

Because the functions of stem cells and immune cells are different, their classification is also different.
If the human body is compared to a tree, the seeds buried deep in the earth are pluripotent stem cells, which can differentiate into a complete human body, just as the seeds can grow into a towering tree; the main branches of the tree can be compared to pluripotent stem cells , Mainly including subtotipotent stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells, which can differentiate into multi-system functional cells such as nerve cells, cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, osteoblasts, etc., just like the lush branches, leaves and fruits that each canopy can grow; The terminal branches are specialized stem cells, such as hematopoietic stem cells, which can only differentiate into red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, etc., just like the terminal branches can grow leaves and fruits.
There are more types of immune cells. Among them, NK cells, CIK, and CAR-T, which are more popular recently, are currently used in clinical practice. The full name of NK cell is Natural Killer cell, also called natural killer cell. It is innate immunity and can remove aging and mutated cells in the body at any time, just like a policeman, maintaining social order at any time.
The full name of CAR-T is Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy, which refers to chimeric antigen receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy. It is an immune T cell genetically modified by a tumor protein.
In the process of tumor cells being chased by NK cells and CIK cells, some tumor cells learned to disguise themselves during the war and are no longer recognized by NK and CIK cells.
So there is CAR-T, which can target and kill these cunningly disguised tumor cells. Therefore, CAR-T is like a special police with a clear mission and can completely annihilate the enemy.
The immune system is like the human body's guard, and the body of this guard is composed of immune cells. On the one hand, they play the function of removing bacteria, viruses, and foreign objects; on the other hand, they eliminate senescent cells and mutated cells in the body. Lay the foundation for health. When foreign enemies invade, such as bacteria and viruses, immune cells are the guards of the national defense forces in the cell kingdom and react quickly to eliminate them.
If mutineers appear in the cell kingdom, such as normal cells mutated into cancer cells, immune cells will also activate the security system to recognize and eliminate them.

Application of Both in Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the builders and repairers of the cell kingdom. When our body's cells are damaged and need to be replaced or repaired, stem cells are needed to play a therapeutic role.
For example, skin burns, scalds, or diseases such as liver cirrhosis, diabetes and its complications, Parkinson's, etc., are essentially damage to the cells of tissues and organs, and then stem cells can be infused for treatment.
As a defender, immune cells mainly play two therapeutic roles: first, to eliminate senescent cells, prevent diseases, to prevent the accumulation of senescent cells from causing harm to the human body, mainly NK cells, of course, regular infusion of immune cells can be effective Improve our resistance and play a role in preventing diseases.
Second, for cancer treatment, infusion can kill cancer cells that are out of control in the patient, such as CIK cells and CAR-T cells.
The 21st century is the era of cell therapy. In the future, the application of stem cells and immune cells will become a common method in clinical treatment. Appropriate supplementation of high-quality cells creates unlimited possibilities for enjoying the development of future medicine.

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