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Ceramic powder, graphite powder,boron powder, and 3D printing metal Nanomaterial supplier & Manufacturer.

What does a sensor do?
Sensors are composed of two elements: a sensor and a convert element. These can detect and sense information, then can transform it into an electric signal, such as voltage, current or frequency. According to a particular rule, the output will be converted into an electrical signal (voltage, current or phase) and then provide a data source that can be used for data analysis and artificial Intelligence applications of Internet of Things. A ceramic substrate made of high-temperature aluminum nitride ceramic is resistant to heat

This high-temperature resist aluminum nitride clay substrate has high thermal conductivity. The most common methods of metallization are copper plating or gold plating, copper plating or immersion gold.

National Standard for Metallization of Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Materials Substrate

Aluminum nitride ceramic substrates are metallized according to the customer’s requirements and available process capabilities. Money is the only thing that can be used to establish a national standard. It’s generally the thickness of conventional metallization. There is no problem so long as this can be achieved.

There is no need to gold-plate aluminum nitride ceramic substrates. This makes gold plating relatively inexpensive for immersion gold.

Aluminum nitride ceramics substrate for gold immersion: Gold is generally immersed when its thickness exceeds 2 microns.

Current and thickness of the aluminum nitride ceramic sub-coating coating. The thinner the thickness, greater is the current carrying ability.

Metalization of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate

DPC copper plating processes are DBC copper-clad processing, low-temperature, sintering and metallization processes and high temperature sintering and metallization processes. There is also AMB magnetron-sputtering procedure. DPC aluminum Nitride ceramic substrates make it more useful for precision, miniatureaturization and integrated ceramic circuit board design. DBC’s production costs are low and can easily be mass-produced. It is also widely used in many other fields. This can be used for copper plating as well as copper coating. Jin Ruixin also has the ability to do platinum and gold-tin alloy. Jin Ruixin Special Circuits has more information about the metalization of ceramic substrates made from aluminum nitride.

Ceramic substrate is a type of special board where copper foil is directly attached to the ceramic substrate’s surface at high temperatures. A substrate that is made from aluminum nitride pottery as the primary raw material. The aluminum nitride substrate ceramic is a brand new ceramic substrate. This substrate features excellent mechanical and thermal properties as well as corrosion resistance. Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate makes a great packaging material and a large-scale heat dissipation substrate for integrated circuits. With the development of electronic industry in my country, ceramic substrates have seen their performance improve over the years. Because of their exceptional characteristics, aluminum-nitride ceramic substrats have seen an increase in their use.

The cost of

aluminum nitride


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