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Although the development scale of the Asian bearing manufacturing industry has been massive, most of the industrial robot bearings in the region rely on imports. At present, although a few manufacturers in Asia manufacture industrial robot bearings, due to small batches, few varieties and specifications, low degree of generalization of parts, long supply cycles, and high costs, the domestic market sales account for less than the total sales. 10%. Many countries in Asia have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in continuous investment since the 1980s. It has taken decades to research and develop core robot components. From the perspective of product design, these industrial robot bearings should meet the requirements of lighter, more accurate, and more reliable. From the standpoint of industry development, their robot bearings need to diversify, scale, and internationally develop products. At the same time, perfect test specifications and standards as soon as possible to achieve the goal of industrial robot bearing internationalization.


Bearing is one of the essential critical components of industrial robots, and its production is related to the overall competitiveness of the robot industry. In response to the development needs of the Asian robot industry, it is urgent to carry out research and development of industrial robot supporting bearings and crucial industrial technology research and development, to ensure that the performance indicators of the bearings reach the advanced international level, reduce production costs, and prepare for further improvement of the industrial robot industry system. Strive to cultivate 3 to 5 leading enterprises with global competitiveness and 8 to 10 supporting industrial clusters in 2020 to improve the market competitiveness of robots in the region and promote the development of the intelligent equipment industry.

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