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Is tantalum carbide coating widely used?

What is tantalum-carbide?

Tantalum carbonide is an metallic cubic crystalline powder which forms a binary compound family with tantalum or carbon. They are very hard and fragile ceramic materials, with high metallic conductivity. They are typically sintered to make brownish-gray, powder-like particles. This belongs to the sodium-chloride cubic crystal type. Presently, tantalum carbide is used in cemented carbide sintered as a grain growth inhibitor. This significantly slows down grain growth and has a density at 14.3g/cm3.

What are the characteristics of tantalum caride?

Molecular weight: 192.956 It is a light metallic cubic-crystalline powder that belongs to the sodium-chloride type cubic crystal systems. Insoluble in water; insoluble or inorganic inorganic acid. Soluble in the mixture of hydrofluoric acid (nitric acid) and decomposable. This substance is highly resistant to oxygen and melts quickly when dissolved in potassium pyrosulfate. It has high conductivity. The resistance of 30O at normal temperature is a sign that it’s superconductive.

What does tantalum carbide do?

The most common material used in human life, carbon is high-temperature resistant, thermal conductivity, chemical stability and good heat resistance. These attributes make it a key component of daily life and in the future development and application of science, technology and engineering. A crucible made from graphite has a critical role in preparation of silicon carbide crystals through physical vapor transmission. The graphite cruble is not suitable for crystal growth because of corrosion on the crucible’s wall. Tantalum carbide can be coated on graphite to solve this problem. Tantalum carbide, a ceramic material can be produced by directly reacting tantalumcontaining compounds with high-temperature carbon. Due to its high melting points and chemical stability, Tantalum carbide is capable of resisting corrosion from various chemicals at high temperatures. As a protective coating, it can enhance the quality of graphite, reduce production costs, and improve crystal quality.
Due to tantalum carbide’s brittleness, and the differences in thermal expansion coefficient between coatings and carbon matrixes, the bonding strength between the layers and carbon matrix is weak. The quality of the finished product can be affected by visible cracks in the coating or falling off the matrix. High adhesion coatings are therefore essential.

The cost of

tantalum carbide

Many factors affect the market value of tantalum-carbide. The market price of tantalum carbide is changing rapidly at the moment. You can contact us anytime if you require it.

Powder supplier of Tantalum Carbide

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