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 Sodium silicate: a water-soluble silicate

What is sodium silicate, exactly?

Sodium silicate

Many products are available such as solid, liquid and powder. Most common are liquids, which can be colorless transparent or sticky with light-gray. There are many moduli that can alter the properties of physical materials. As a soap-filler, metal preservatives or water softener. The whitening agent can be made from silica sol, quartz sand and sodium sulfate. This can be achieved by crushing, cooling, dissolution and concentration. Also, liquid caustic and quartz soda can be used to heat the silicate. Once sodium silicate has been hardened, its main component, silicon gel, is formed. The water glass treatment is a process that uses a mixture of water and special adhesive to improve water resistance. This product is used extensively in metalurgical, electric power, petrochemical and the building materials industry. This sodium silicate is more pure than anhydrous, powdered sodium silicate. In order to increase the adhesive strength, sodium silicate is added to the special adhesive.

The main uses of sodium silicate

It is the most useful filler in soap manufacturing. Addition of sodium silicate can reduce soap loss, increase washing capabilities and protect soap from rancidity. Synthetic detergents contain sodium silicate. This is used to clean, stabilize, and prevent corrosion. Use water glass

A glass coating on the metal surface creates an alkali-metal silicate film and SiO2gel film. It is free from any external acids, alkali and corrosion. This glass is useful for the production of refractory substances, including white carbon black, acid resistant cement, and is also used as a dip agent in the textile and textile industries.

Price for sodium silicate

It is not unusual for sodium silicate purity to be priced at different prices. Dynamic change is taking place in the market for sodium silicate. On our official website, you can see the current price of sodium silicate. We are available to assist you at all times.

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