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Take-Out Boys’ "ears" Are in Vogue

Take-Out Boys' "ears" Are in Vogue

"Can I pinch your ear?"

I don't know when it started. Someone found that the little brother who came to deliver the food was a bit different. He had a pair of "rabbit ears" on his head. The cuteness suddenly burst, making people want to pinch. Some netizens took photos of these cute ears and uploaded them to platforms such as Weibo and Douyin. A viral stalk was born. And these ears tremble with the speed of the takeaway boy, and become a lovely landscape on the road. Perhaps because people have little resistance to cute things, most takeaway boys wearing "ears" can hardly escape. There are many users who order takeaway to touch the bunny ears, but because not every takeaway guy has bunny ears, the experience of waiting for a takeout is no less than opening a blind box. A 40-year-old Hangzhou takeaway boy said that he has been molested for his ears more than once. When delivering a meal, customers may suddenly come forward and squeeze them. They are often praised by girls for cuteness and envy takeaway boys on other platforms. However, the popularity of kangaroo ears also exceeded Meituan’s expectations. According to Meituan, the launch of kangaroo ears actually originated from last year’s promotional activities and wanted the takeaway boy to become a mobile billboard. The first generation of kangaroo ears were integrated with the helmet, but they were a bit cumbersome, and later became ears directly attached to the helmet.

Big companies are trying to sell cute

Why can the "ear" of the takeaway boy become popular on the Internet? There may be more than one reason, but "moe" is undoubtedly a factor that cannot be avoided. In the beginning, Meituan, which "unintentionally inserted the willow", also managed this cute character design after tasted the sweetness. In the past two years, many large companies have been reshaping their brand image by selling cuteness. Not only is the cuteness of the image, but such a persona can often solve some public relations crises ingeniously. A recent example is the dispute between Tencent and Laoganma. The dignified "Nanshan Pizza Hut" was tricked into signing a big contract by three people pretending to be employees of Laoganma. In the face of such negative news, Tencent will be a "han" The image of "Penguin" was pushed to the public. Coincidentally, as early as the beginning of the year, Ding Ding was retaliated by elementary school students. Ding Ding also sacrificed his own mascot "Ding San Duo". He grievedly sold cuteness at station B and begged for mercy, which narrowed the distance with the students. . In the field of e-commerce, has also transformed the metallic and angular puppy image in the Logo into a sleek and cute image with a style more like Snoopy. At the same time, it works with LINE FRIENDS, which is famous for its cuteness. Joint name.

No one can refuse to be cute

There is no need to doubt Meng’s communication power. In the Internet age, this is a master key to attract traffic. In an experiment, when two strangers sat on a bench, they would consciously sit at the ends of the bench to maintain a distance. And when a actor wearing a cartoon bear costume sits on a chair, more people are willing to take the initiative to contact this cute cartoon bear. Although the Internet has exploded in information, we still cannot resist cute things, just like we can hardly leave emojis in chat now, in this pool that can gather a large number of eyeballs, of course, we can't escape the eyes of those Internet companies.

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