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The manufacturing process and application of amorphous graphite powder

What is amorphous graphite powder?

Graphite powder is a kind of mineral powder, the main component is carbon single quality, the quality is soft, black and gray; have greasy feeling, can pollute the paper. The hardness is 1 to 2, and the hardness can increase to 3 to 5 along the vertical direction. The specific gravity is 1.9~2.3.

Graphite powder texture is soft, under the condition of oxygen isolation conditions, its melting point is more than 3000℃, is one of the high-temperature resistant minerals. At room temperature,

amorphous graphite powder

is stable, insoluble in water, dilute acid and dilute alkali; when oxygen is sufficient, oxygen reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide; fluorine energy directly reacts with elemental carbon; at high temperature, it can reduce many metals, such as iron making.

Graphite powder is a very sensitive chemical reaction material, in different environments, its resistance will change, that is, the resistance value will change, but one thing will not change, amorphous graphite powder is a very good non-metallic conductive materials, as long as in the insulating object, to ensure that the amorphous graphite powder is uninterrupted, like a fine line will be charged, however, the value has no accurate value. Due to the different thickness of amorphous graphite powder, the resistance of amorphous graphite powder is also different in different materials and environments.

The specifications of graphite fine powder are: 100,200,325,800,1200,2000,4000,5000,8000,10000,12,000,12500, l5000 items, anticorrosion coating models, rubber special, special lubricating oil special, glass steel special, ink special, dry battery special, special, alkaline battery special, lubricating coating, powder metallurgy special, special graphite milk, etc.

Graphite powder process

Graphite has many excellent properties, such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity function, complete product detection means, in addition to the vacuum, the impurity content should not exceed dozens of (one in a million). The constant pressure skill can make the use of small scale graphite, in the clay graphite crucible, the whole process is carried out on the special equipment equipped with roller roller. The graphite mold has a complex shape and an uneven thickness. In the process of amorphous graphite powder, about 3 / 4 of the scale graphite of the carbon content reaches the standard. The anode of the electrolytic cell also uses graphite electrode, which pad soft material under the end of the spare electrode joint to prevent the ground from damaging the joint. With the hook extended into the lifting ring of the hanger, the backup electrode of amorphous graphite powder process, the testing facilities are complete, and check whether the thread in the electrode hole is complete. In addition to the characteristics of natural graphite, this product also has the excellent properties of artificial graphite.

Graphite powder is mainly used in powder metallurgy, lubricating oil, grease, dry battery, conductive coating, lubricating coating, national Defense committee of Science and Industry, scientific research institutions of scientific research, civil electricity, aerospace and strategic power interference weapons, smoke screen shielding weapons, etc. The different process of amorphous graphite powder will change the price of amorphous graphite powder. Different properties of amorphous graphite powder will make the application of amorphous graphite powder different. Generally, amorphous graphite powder is ground through air flow. Purity of amorphous graphite powder amorphous graphite powder purity (carbon content) includes: carbon content (FC), volatile content (VC), ash (ASH), etc. According to the size of the broken material or broken material, the grinder can be divided into coarse crusher, medium crusher, fine mill, ultra-fine mill. In the process of crushing the graphite blocks applied to the solid, the synthetic graphite blocks are mainly after pressing, roasting, graphitization products, and processed powder. The natural amorphous graphite powder is added through the right amount of natural amorphous graphite powder to add the right amount of resin into the model compaction, after the resin curing, open the model of the amorphous graphite powder you need will come out. How can we turn the amorphous graphite powder into a graphite block? What processing equipment is required? First of all, you want to put the amorphous graphite powder broken to a certain number, and then add oil coke, namely we often say drain glue, but imported oil coke than domestic oil coke effect, amorphous graphite powder after adding oil coke, into thousands of tons of hydraulic press to suppress, after in thousands of degrees of high temperature for roasting 3-6 months, after amorphous graphite powder into graphite block.

Application of amorphous graphite powder

Used in refractory materials: graphite and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance, high strength, in the metallurgical industry is mainly used to manufacture graphite crucible, in the steelmaking commonly used graphite as the protective agent of steel ingot, metallurgical furnace lining.

For conductive materials: used in the electrical industry as the manufacture of electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, graphite washers, telephone parts, TV imaging tube coating, etc.

For lubricating materials: graphite is often used as a lubricant in the mechanical industry. Lubricating oil often can not be used in high speed, high temperature, high pressure conditions, while graphite lubrication materials can work in a temperature of 2000℃ without lubricating oil.

For high temperature metallurgy materials: graphite has the reduction property, at high temperature can use its reduction property to reduce many metal oxides, can be smelting metals, such as iron making.

Used for abrasive agent and rust prevention agent: graphite is also the abrasive agent and rust prevention agent for glass and paper making in light industry, and it is an indispensable raw material for making pencil, ink, black paint, ink and artificial diamond and diamonds.

Graphite powder is a very valuable graphite product, which has a wide range of applications in many high-end fields. Many university laboratories have bought amorphous graphite powder from Luoyang Yuexing for scientific research. Because of the advanced grinding equipment, so the amorphous graphite powder of Luoyang Yuexing is very fine, can reach the nano level, called nano amorphous graphite powder, nano level amorphous graphite powder, the performance is particularly excellent, can be used as an additive to change the product performance.

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