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What are the Properties and Uses of Spherical Tungsten Carbide

Recently, the EU proclaimed new sanctions on Russia, including coal, timber, rubber, cement, and fertilizer, as well as high-end seafood Tungsten Carbide.

What is Tungsten Carbide?

As one of the main production raw materials of cemented carbide, the physical
and chemical properties of tungsten carbide (WC) powder, such as particle shape,
particle size, particle size distribution, oxygen content, carbon content, bulk
density, etc., will directly affect the quality of alloy products. Nowadays,
with the gradual optimization of the production process of cemented carbide, the
market demand for spherical tungsten carbide powder is also increasing.

Tungsten carbide is mainly composed of refractory metal tungsten and
non-metallic carbon, and contains a small amount of impurity elements such as
Co, Cr, Ti, Ta, Nb, V, Mn, Ni, Mo, O, etc. According to the different particle
size, it can be divided into the following grades, WC10 (1.01~1.40um), WC30
(3.01~4.00um), WC50 (5.01~7.00um), WC100 (10.01~14.00um) and so on.

Properties of spherical tungsten carbide

Appearance is black powder, high purity ≥99.9%, sphericity ≥95%, melting
point is 2870℃, boiling point is 6000℃, density is 15.63g/cm³, bulk density is
greater than 7.0g/cm3, tap density is greater than 7.0. 5g/cm3, the flow
performance is less than 10.0s/50g, and has the characteristics of high
hardness, low thermal expansion coefficient, high compressive strength, large
elastic modulus, and smooth surface. However, due to its high hardness, its
processing performance is poor, so it is more suitable for 3D printing.

Production process of spherical tungsten carbide powder

Smelting method: The raw material powder (tungsten powder and carbon black or
tungsten powder, carbon black and tungsten carbide) is melted into a liquid
state, and droplets will form on the surface under the action of centrifugal
rotation method, rotary atomization method or gas atomization method Spherical
tungsten carbide.

Modified irregular tungsten carbide: The irregular WC is melted into a liquid
state, and then the spherical tungsten carbide powder is made by the plasma
spheroidization method or the resistance heat spheroidization method.

Uses of spherical tungsten carbide

Mainly used in the production of cemented carbide. According to different
chemical compositions, cemented carbides can be divided into tungsten-cobalt,
tungsten-titanium-cobalt and tungsten-titanium-tantalum (niobium) types.


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Due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the covid-19 pandemic, how will the international situation develop is highly uncertain. It is too difficult to assess its economic impact properly. However, we could see energy prices and commodity prices keep rising and supply chains are disrupted. Therefore, Tungsten Carbide prices are expected to rise in the future.

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