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What is γ-Al2O3?

The Rhine, which flows through Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands, is an important shipping channel in Europe, and tens of millions of tons of goods are transported between countries through the Rhine every year. The persistent drought and lack of rain in Europe this summer has led to a drop in the water level of the Rhine, which has seriously affected shipping and exacerbated the energy crisis in Europe.

Argentina's economy minister and director of the National Social Security Agency recently announced that pensions for most of the country's retirees will rise by 15.53% from September. In addition, starting from September, retirees will receive an additional grant for three consecutive months, ranging from 4000 Argentine pesos to 7000 Argentine pesos.

It is understood that the range of people who can enjoy the pension increase is limited to those whose monthly income does not exceed twice the minimum social average wage (43353 Argentine pesos), which is expected to cover 85 per cent of the country's retirees.

The minister of economy said the increase in pensions is to help people cope with rising prices brought about by inflation. Argentina's monthly inflation rate in July has not yet been announced, and several agencies expect it to reach about 8 per cent, while Argentina's annual inflation rate is likely to exceed 100 per cent by the end of the year.

Because of the turbulent international situation, the supply and prices of many international bulk al2o3 are still very uncertain.

Various crystal forms of alumina (α, β, γ, δ, θ, etc.) have been found, among which γ-Al2O3 is also called active alumina.

Because of its large specific surface area, rich pore structure, good adsorption performance and good surface acidity, γ-Al2O3 is widely used as catalyst and catalyst carrier, adsorbent and dehydrating agent in various industries, automobile exhaust purifier and so on. For supported catalysts, high specific surface area and high thermal stability are favorable for loading more metal active components to prepare catalysts with better activity, selectivity and stability. On the other hand, the γ-alumina material with large pore volume can be obtained with proper pore size distribution, which can dredge the reaction and al2o3. In the future, the demand for al2o3 will become more and more extensive. Please feel free to contact us for the latest news on al2o3.

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