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What is GH3536 Superalloy (Hastelloy X alloy)

The price of nickel and stainless steel rose together. Nickel afternoon hand in hand with stainless steel together turn red up. Due to the temporary easing of geopolitical risks, risk assets are now picking up, nonferrous metals, stock markets, and so on have risen, the overall mood has temporarily improved. Ore prices are strong, the overlay of the epidemic on spot logistics or the formation of a certain impact. Phase, nickel and stainless steel materials to maintain high wide concussion pattern.

Nickel prices based on low inventory, tight supply and demand will still show high wide fluctuations. In addition, the current LME has low liquidity, so its sensitivity to capital will remain relatively high. Shanghai nickel-wide fluctuations are expected to continue in the 200,000-250,000 yuan wide repeated fluctuation trend. While stainless steel is affected by the stronger nickel pig iron, the cost support continues, but note that under the current demand is not effectively released, the upward space may also be affected, the stage is expected to fluctuate between 20000 and 22,000 yuan. The price of nickel produced such fluctuations, indicating that the price of the Hastelloy X alloy may also be affected to a certain extent.

What is GH3536 superalloy (Hastelloy X alloy)

GH3536 (Hastelloy X alloy) is a nickel-based superalloy with high iron
content mainly solid solution strengthened by chromium and molybdenum. It has
good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and has moderate durability
and creep below 900 ℃. Strength, cold and hot workability and good weldability.
Used in the manufacture of combustion chamber parts and other high-temperature
parts of aero-engines, long-term use below 900 °C, and short-term operating
temperature can reach 1080 °C. The main varieties supplied are plates, strips,
pipes, bars, forgings, rings and precision castings.

GH3536 (Hastelloy X alloy) process performance and requirements

GH3536 (Hastelloy X alloy) formability alloy has good cold and hot forming
properties. Forging heating temperature 1170℃±10℃, final forging temperature not
lower than 950℃; slab hot rolling heating temperature 1150℃±10℃, final rolling
temperature not lower than 850℃; ring hot rolling heating temperature 1170℃±10℃

GH3536 (Hastelloy X alloy) welding performance This alloy has good welding
process performance, and can be welded by argon arc welding, seam welding and
spot welding. HGH3536 or HGH3113 wire is recommended for argon arc welding.

The microstructure of the alloy in the solid solution state is an austenite
matrix with a small amount of TiN and M6C carbides. After long-term aging at
700~900℃, the main precipitation phases are M12C and M3B2, accompanied by trace
μ phase and L phase. After aging at 700℃ for 200h, a small amount of σ phase
appeared, but after aging at 800℃, the σ phase did not exist, and a small amount
of M23C6 was precipitated, and sometimes a small amount of L phase appeared.
Therefore, the alloy exhibits a certain degree of age hardening after long-term
aging, which reduces the plasticity and the high temperature strength.


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