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What is High Purity Graphite Powder?

The China Securities New Energy Vehicle index rose as much as 4.1 percent after a strong rally in lithium-ion shares on the Chinese stock market. Brokerages said lithium enterprises would usher in marginal expectations, and currently, it may be the best time to layout power/energy storage lithium batteries.

According to a securities research report, the price of lithium carbonate in the upstream resource end continues to hit a new high, which reflects the shortage of lithium mineral resources, and lithium has become one of the core elements of the development of the lithium electricity industry. In 2022, global demand for lithium carbonate continues to grow strongly, while the supply-side growth is relatively limited. And, because related mining enterprises experienced the last lithium down cycle, they would expand production capacity cautiously. Lithium and lithium carbonate prices are expected to remain high in 2022.

In addition to lithium and lithium carbonate, the prices of many energy and commodities like the High Purity Graphite Powder are expected to rise.

Introduction to High Purity Graphite Powder
Graphite powder is soft, black gray powder. It is greasy and can pollute the paper. The hardness is 1 ~ 2, along the vertical direction with the increase of impurities the hardness can be increased to 3 ~ 5. The specific gravity is 1.9 ~ 2.3. Under the condition of oxygen isolation, its melting point is above 3000℃, and it is one of the high-temperature resistant minerals. 
Physicochemical Properties of High Purity Graphite Powder
At room temperature, the chemical properties of graphite powder are relatively stable, insoluble in water, dilute acid, dilute alkali, and organic solvents; React with oxygen at different high temperatures to produce carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide; In halogens, only fluorine can react directly with elemental carbon; Under heating, graphite powder is easily oxidized by acid. At high temperatures, it can also react with many metals to produce metal carbides, which can be smelted at high temperatures. 
High purity graphite powder has high-temperature resistance, electric conductivity, lubricity, chemical stability, plasticity, and thermal shock resistance. 
Nanocrystalline high purity graphite has the excellent quality, high fixed carbon composition, less harmful residue, sulfur, the iron composition is very low, stable physical properties, will not be harmed by strong acid and alkali, in the world's high purity graphite sales market has a high reputation, has a "gold sand" reputation.

High Purity Graphite Powder Properties
Other Names Graphite Powder
CAS No. 7782-42-5
Compound Formula C
Molecular Weight 12.01
Appearance black solid
Melting Point 3652-3697°C
Boiling Point 4200°C
Density 1.8g/cm3
Solubility in H2O N/A
Exact Mass N/A


High Purity Graphite Powder Flake Graphite C Powder CAS 7782-42-5

Applications of High Purity Graphite Powder
Can be used as refractory materials, conductive materials, lubricating materials, casting, sand, molding, and high high-temperature metallurgical materials, graphite powder can also prevent boiler scaling, can be used as pigment, polishing agent. 
1, as refractory materials: graphite and its products with high temperature resistance, high strength properties, in the metallurgical industry is mainly used to manufacture graphite crucible, in steelmaking graphite is commonly used as a protective agent of ingot, metallurgy furnace lining. 
2, as conductive material: used in the electrical industry to manufacture electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, graphite gaskets, telephone parts, television picture tube coating, etc. 
3, as lubrication materials: graphite in the machinery industry often as a lubricant.  Lubricating oil often can not be used under high speed, high temperature and high-pressure conditions, and graphite materials can be in 200~2000℃ temperature at a high sliding speed, without lubricating oil work.  Piston cups, sealing rings, and bearings made of graphite are widely used in many types of equipment for conveying corrosive media. They do not need lubricating oil when running.  Graphite is also a good lubricant for many metal processing (wire drawing, tube drawing). 
4, casting, aluminum casting, molding, and high-temperature metallurgical materials: due to the small thermal expansion coefficient of graphite, and ability to the change thermal shock, can be used as glass mold, after using graphite black metal casting dimension conforms to the requirements, the surface is bright and clean high yield, without processing or makes a little processing can use, thus saving a large amount of metal. 
5, graphite powder can also prevent boiler scaling, the relevant unit test shows that the amount of graphite powder added to water (about 4~5 grams per ton of water) can prevent boiler surface scaling.  In addition, graphite coated in metal chimneys, roofs, Bridges, and pipes can be anticorrosive rust. 
6. Graphite powder can be used as a pigment and polishing agent. 
Main Supplier of High Purity Graphite Powder
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