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What is Molybdenum Disilicide Used For?

Molybdenum diilicide MoSi2 – This is the type of intermediate phase having the highest silicon content within Mo-Si binaural alloy. The material is high in temperature and has outstanding performance. It has both the characteristics of ceramic and metal. MoSi2 exhibits good resistance to high temperatures, with a oxidation resistant temperature as high at 1600. It is very similar to SiC. It exhibits moderate density (6.24g/cm3). Low thermal expansion coefficient (8.1×10-6 K-1), high electrothermal conductivity (good electrothermal conductivity), and ceramic-like hardness, brittleness, and lower brittle-ductile temperature (1000). It has a soft plasticity that is metal-like and exceeds 1000. MoSi2 is used primarily as an integrated circuit heating element and high temperature oxidation resist coating.

MoSi2 contains silicon and molybdenum bonded with metal bonds. In MoSi2, silicon and silicon can also be connected using covalent bonds. Molybdenum is a gray, tetragonal molybdenum. It cannot be dissolved in all mineral acids except aqua regia, but it can be dissolved in a mix of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. It can be used to heat in high-temperature oxidation environments (1700) due to its excellent oxidation resistance.

What’s Molybdenum Disilicide used for?

In high temperature antioxidation coatings and electric heating elements (electronic heating elements), integrated electrode films, structural material, strengtheners of composites, wear resist materials and bonding substances of structural ceramics, molybdenum diicide can be used. Specifically:

Chemical industry for energy: high temperature heat exchangers in atomic reactor devices and gas burners. High temperature thermocouples with their protective tubes. Melting vessel crucibles are used to melt sodium, lead, bismuth and other metals.

Industries in microelectronics: MoSi2 is an important material for interconnect film and gate materials of large-scale integrated Circuits.

High temperature anti-oxidation coatings for aerospace industry. This material was the subject of extensive and detailed research. It is used as a material for components of turbine engines such as blades. impellers. burners. tail nozzles. sealing devices.

Automotive Industry: Engine parts, turbochargers, spark plugs, and valve bodies for automobiles.

Are there any restrictions on MoSi2?

MoSi2 is very soft at low temperatures (below 1000°C), which indicates that it will become plastic when heated up to higher temperatures.

The material is also susceptible to creeping at temperatures higher than 1200°C.

Molybdenum disilicide MoSi2 MoSi2 Price

Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.

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