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Why is tantalum carbide easy to be melted and decomposed by potassium pyrosulfate

What is tantalum-carbide?

Tantalum carbide

The advantages of (TaC ceramic particles include a high melting temperature (3880), high hardness (2100HV0.05), excellent chemical stability, strong thermal and electrical conductivity and good chemical stability. It is expensive and has other drawbacks, so only the use of nickel- or aluminium-based substrates was reported. Chao, along with others, have created nickel-based reinforced tantalum caride surface composites by laser cladding. Yu et. al. found that this material’s hardness is much higher than pure nickel and its wear rate is considerably lower than hardened iron. It was determined the relation between reactive directional solidification in situ of nickel-based and chromium-based reinforced tantalum caride as well its microstructure at high temperatures. Wang Wenli, et. al. found that tantalum carbide’s solid phase structure and volume changed as solidification rate increased. To prepare A3-steel composite coatings containing TaC particles-reinforced Nickel-based alloys, we used laser cladding. Under the right technological conditions, TaC nano-reinforced composite coatings made by laser cladding technology showed good form, smooth surfaces, and good metalurgical bonding with the substrate. However, it was not known if the TaC formed on the substrate of steel.

Tantalum carbide microstructure

It was possible to analyze the microstructure morphology and surface composition of TaC-surface gradient composites. Each layer of TaC composites’ macrostructure was analyzed in detail. Particles from layer A had a tightly packed structure, were uniformly reactive and didn’t disperse. Nanometer-sized particles formed this layer. Because it is smaller than the micrometre, this layer is also called micrometre TaC. Layer C contains the particles at the junction of the matrix. Every particle is then separated by a strip pearlite structure, making its boundaries visible. These particles are fully dispersed around the perimeter of the reaction area. The TaC dispersion layers is the result of this reaction.

Broadcasting and editing of the reaction of tantalum carbide

A model of the tantalum-plate liquid-solid reaction was developed based on the results of experiments. It was broken down into the following stages: The initial stage saw the reaction produce molten [TaC], followed by the reaction generating TaC. Next, there were the reactions that generated TaC dispersion layers and then finally, the final step.

As can be seen in the reaction model, the atoms within the matrix have to go through the matrix layer for the interaction reaction to occur. As follows is how the reaction works:

C atoms from the Ta plates reach the Ta plate surface through diffusion and bonds with the molten Taa at the start of the reaction.

Ta’s strong affinity for C means that when Ta and C come into contact, [TaC] is generated.

The matrix’s C continues to mix with the [TaC] and diffuses.

Once the concentration in the melt has reached saturation, the TaC-carbid particles become precipitated and nucleated. C does not combine with the TaC eutectic. However, the TaC molten on Ta plate surface reacts to create [TaC] in situ.

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