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Yuncun Review Healing Plan: Tears of NetEase Cloud Music Users

Yuncun Review Healing Plan: Tears of NetEase Cloud Music Users

NetEase Cloud becomes Net Yi Cloud

Regardless of Weibo or other social media, open the topic related to the cloud, similar content is flooded in the information flow and comment area. As a popular Internet stalker, the content and form of Net Yiyun are constantly changing. Most of them are literary expressions of love and pain about life. On Weibo, you can also see bloggers who publish content related to NetYiyun. Their comment areas are also full of various depressions and very sad content. Net Yiyun-style comments. The video creators have developed it into a variety of brain-hole video stories. Yiyun represents pain literary reviews. Under the intentional or unintentional browsing of netizens, the number of views and discussions of related videos or topics on the Internet The degree data has risen linearly. And because people tend to output negative depressive situations in the dead of night, some creators have linked 0 o’clock with Wang Yiyun, deducing a new slogan "It’s the point, switch to the Internet Yiyun mode", once to 0 After clicking, various sentences that hurt the spring and sad autumn began to appear, and even wept frequently.

Behind the Net Yiyun is the decline of experience

The comment function is obviously extremely important to NetEase Cloud. It used to be one of the favorite functions of NetEase Cloud users. It even broke away from a music tool and became a music community. Everyone expresses their emotions in the music comment area. Own ordinary story. At that time, the reputation of NetEase Cloud among users was extremely good, but what is unexpected is that after only a few years, the reputation of NetEase Cloud has undergone a major reversal, and the group ridiculed it as NetYiyun. The comment function has almost shaped the community culture of NetEase Cloud. It was a rocket accelerator during the development of NetEase Cloud Music, but it is now a barrier to the further development of NetEase Cloud. Some people, out of a deceptive mentality, copied a large number of comments in previous classic songs, or compiled stories in the comment area, and the similarity of the comments became higher and higher. In addition, NetEase Cloud’s lack of music copyright in recent years has caused many songs that could have been listened to and classic comments that could have been seen have disappeared with the lack of copyright. Compared with a few years ago, whether it is Both the listening experience and the viewing experience in the comment area have declined.

Community culture is a double-edged sword

Wang Yiyun is just a microcosm of the Internet. This kind of behavior of expressing and writing small essays in the comment area is not uncommon on the Internet. Regardless of site B, Weibo, or Zhihu, there are similar behaviors, but the presentation is different. The same is true on Weibo, where a short essay was written without a word, which attracted readers to shout and like, and became a hot topic in the comment area. It even triggered a response from a template routine like a culture. In fact, this has a great relationship with the community culture of the Internet community itself. Users and the Internet community culture influence each other. Community culture affects the expression and content of users, and users also affect the tone of the entire community. For mainstream Internet communities including NetEase Cloud, although the community culture in the early stage of development is the existence of a rocket accelerator, the community must develop in a larger direction. How to balance the community culture is a problem that community culture needs to care about.

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