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Zirconium Nitride Powder – Properties and Applications |

What properties does zirconium Nitride have?

Zirconium nitride

It is insoluble and slightly soluble, but not in water. Zirconium-nitride powder is high in purity, small particle sizes, high specific surface area, high surface activity, and has high surface activity. It is used in high temperature ceramics and for toughening ceramics. Its theoretical density is 7.09g/cm3.

ZrN powder can be used as a refractory compound. It has high decomposition temperatures and good chemical stability. This makes it resistant to corrosion and wear. It is an excellent high temperature structural material, superhard material, and surface protection material. ZrN film can be used in areas that titanium nitride cannot be applied. It has a golden, lower-brightness color that people love. Zirconium-nitride powder is resistant to corrosion and has good ductility.

What’s the purpose of zirconium Nitride applications?

Zirconium-nitride powder can be found in hardware, building materials and bathroom. It is used extensively in architectural decoration, home appliances and mobile phones. The decorative coating industry places great importance on it.

Felder for application

1. ZrN powder can be used to make a hard tool or a hard alloy out of nanocomposite.

2. ZrN powder can be used as high temperature ceramic conductor materials

3. ZrN powder can be used as a thermal wear-resistant material

4. ZrN powders are used as dispersion-strengthening materials. They are used mostly in the direction of hardware, building material, and other everyday hardware workpieces.

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